How Much Range Can You Get From a Ham Radio?

baofeng GT-3 handheld ham radio

The expected effective range of ham radio is a subject that is constantly talked about but poorly understood among many preppers not specialized in radio communication skills. For all but the shortest-ranged line-of-sight broadcasts there are many factors that will affect the range of your transmissions, and knowing what to expect within a given set … Read more

10 Things Old Timers Did that You Should Do Too

farmers at trade market in the old days

The Generational Battle seemingly never ends, and while often well-intentioned and good-natured, it seems to have reached a nasty fever pitch these days. The older post-WWII generation constantly berates the younger ones for their seeming ineptitude and supposed lack of work ethic, while the younger generations retaliate with a muttered “OK, Boomer…” before dismissing them … Read more

Top 10 Urban Survival Kit Items You Should Have

urban kit

Most survival priorities apply in any kind of environment you happen to be in. You’ll always need shelter, you always need food, water and a way to protect yourself. Urban environments offer their own share of challenges, and many of them are the equal of some of the most hostile natural environments on Earth. The … Read more

Emergency Communications from A to Z


Having an emergency communications plan is an essential part of being prepared for short and long-term disasters. The ability to network and transmit information about changing situations and new threats is invaluable. Establishing and maintaining communications with members of your group, your family, and emergency response personnel might just be the factor that makes the … Read more

So, Does Bear Spray Actually Work?

bear next to a car

The deep woods and remote forests covering much of the U.S. and an enormous part of Canada are often seen as a sort of “go-to” BOL for preppers, and even in peaceful times are frequently traveled and visited for recreation or practice bug-outs. These forests also contain bears, which can be a significant threat if … Read more

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe

DIY carpet cleaner

Stockpiling the ingredients to make a DIY carpet cleaner should be worked into every prepper’s budget. Cleaning your carpets might not initially sound like a priority chore on your survival plan list – but it should. The bacteria and germs lurking in carpets can spark or spread illness in a short amount of time. When … Read more