5 Secret Ways to Prep in Urban Environments

cars leaving city in a disaster

Prepping in an urban environment is in most ways much the same as it is in suburban and rural environments, as I and other authors on this site have written of in the past. But urban preppers face quite a few challenges that their brethren in less populated areas will not, at least not with … Read more

Prepping for Non-Preppers

preppers on the homestead

You may have stockpiled all of the preps your family will need to last five years, have mastered a copious amount of survival skills, and live off the grid in a remote area – but are you prepped for accommodating friends, family and non-preppers into your post-apocalyptic life? Turning away a complete stranger is one … Read more

The Top 5 Multi-Caliber Guns and Who They Are For

Imagine a scenario where you are low on ammunition. You used the last of your supply some time ago and despite your searching high and low for more, you have come up with nada. A gun without ammo is little better than a clumsy club, or an intimidation tool at best. You know you won’t … Read more

5 Ways to Secure Your Preps From Intruders

old shed full of supplies

So your hard work and vigilance paid off; you sacrificed, scrimped, saved and religiously laid in supplies and stored provision ample enough to see you through a crisis that you hoped would never happen, but lo and behold it has. Mercifully you and your family survived. Your house is intact. You should be okay, after … Read more

The Best of the Best Self Defense Knives

self defense knives

All kinds of preppers carry knives and a quite a few of them have probably given some thought to using it for self defense, if they had to. A smaller fraction of those preppers have given the topic much thought, and have sought out both a quality knife suitable for fighting and the skills to … Read more

The Right Way to Carry Concealed in a Purse

woman with a handgun

One of the most popular ways for ladies who carry purses to carry their gun is, duh, in their purse. While this approach is certainly convenient and offers an easy to way to conceal the gun completely, purse carry offers its fair share of trials and risks that any prospective lady shooters should be aware … Read more