AR-10 vs AR-15 Which Should You Choose

by Charles Most preppers know the AR-15 is America’s most popular rifle, and even more call on one or several of these excellent guns to serve as defensive or SHTF weapons. The AR-15 brings so many advantages to the table that the reductive method is often an easier conversation to have when selecting a rifle … Read more

How to Pick and Choose AR-15 Magazines

Magazines AR-15 PMAG Gen 2

by Charles The AR-15 is America’s most popular centerfire rifle by an enormous margin, and befitting its status as the once and future king of semi-auto rifles it enjoys correspondingly enormous first-party manufacturer and aftermarket support. Even a casual fan of ARs will attest to the truly bewildering number of add-ons, modifications, customizations and accessories. … Read more

11 Personal Safety Odds & Ends


I learned from a young age the world was not a safe place. There were people who were not just willing, but eager to hurt you. Some of them were your own family. Others were your peers you saw at school every day. Others were strangers or minimal acquaintances. Nowhere felt safe. When I was … Read more