5 Firearms for People Who Don’t Like Them

by Charles As hard as this may be to believe for some of you, not everyone likes guns. I know, I know, sit down if you feel woozy. It’s true, though: some folks do not, in fact, take to the way of the gun like a duck to water. This does not mean that a … Read more

Signaling 101 for Survival

man using a flare

by Nick O’Law In a survival situation communication can be vital and proficiency in signaling could save your life, or at least make it a lot easier. Anybody who works in the outdoors learns at least some basic signaling, on land woodsmen need to know where safe trails are and how to find and rescue … Read more

The Best of the Best .22 Pistols

Ruger Mark I 22 LR 1

There is no such thing as a gun suitable for one and all, for every shooter. But if there was, if there was one gun that damn near everyone in the world could make use of, if would be a .22 LR pistol; the one, true, jack-of-all-trades, Swiss Army knife firearm. From small game hunting … Read more

A Rant about Political Correctness

political correctness post

by Derrick Krane The following is all my opinion so I could be wrong about some things Opening thoughts: Here we are:: Radical Islamic terrorists driving trucks or vans into crowds, or stabbing people. If you say anything negative about the religious-political system of Islam, you are a racist, bigot, xenophobe, and Islamaphobe. Christians being … Read more

Basics of Homeschooling for Preppers

homeschool table

by Tara The vast majority of preppers homeschool their children instead of sending them off each day to government school. In fact, there are now more American families (preppers or not) educating their children at home than any other time in the history of the republic. Homeschooling is now legal in all 50 states, but … Read more

The Top 10 Handguns under 500 Bucks

Smith and Wesson SD9VE

Handgunners today enjoy a market crowded with excellent options. Some writers and experts have dubbed the current era of firearms a second golden age at least so far as refinement, if not innovation is concerned. You cannot walk into a gun shop anywhere without tripping over stacks of handguns that are so good in so … Read more

Top 7 EDC Mistakes to Avoid

edc items

by Charles EDC is more than just an acronym for a collection of stuff you choose to carry around; EDC is now shorthand for a lifestyle choice, one in which a selection of carefully chosen equipment is called on to solve anticipated problems in your day-to-day reality. EDC loadouts can range from bare-bones minimalist tools, … Read more

Try These Shotgun Drills on Your Next Range Day

shotgun shooting pin

by Charles My readers know that I am a proponent of shotguns, so long as one understands their limitations and trains to mitigate them. One of the biggest general limitations compared to other types of firearm used for self defense is the simple fact that your average shotgun demands more thought and engagement from the … Read more