Top 5 Best .380 Pocket Pistols for Concealed Carry

by Nicholas More Americans are concealed carrying today for personal protection more than ever before. The result of this in recent years has been an explosion of sales for pistols designed specifically for concealed carry. For this reason, in the past five or so years, the market for .380 pocket pistols (also known as pocket rockets) … Read more

Free Speech, but Only if You’re a Leftist

three monkeys

With the presently overwhelming surge of “multi-culturalism”, feminism, gay “rights”, and all other forms of “social justice,” one might seem justified in thinking that freedom was expanding in the United States.  One might think that the free exchange of ideas was increasing, not only with the “social justice” movement, but also with the ever-increasing amount … Read more

Concealed Carry Revolvers

by Nicholas Even in the 21st Century where concealed carry semi-automatics from .32 to .45 gauge have taken the market by storm, the traditional revolver holds strong. Revolvers continue to sell off the shelves in droves, and the likely reason is that people know that you can always depend on a revolver to save your life. … Read more

Tactical Pens


by Ryan The best items for your everyday carry kit are items that are hidden in plain sight.  Items that you can use in your everyday life allow you to expand your kit without having to keep that item concealed.  A tactical pen is simply a pen designed for uses other than writing.  It must … Read more

Top 7 Best Double Stack .45s

The top three calibers that you should consider for an STHF sidearm are 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP simply because they are the most popular and easiest to find. If you decide that .45 ACP is the caliber you would like in your sidearm, it’s time to do your research on the best specific … Read more

Get Home Bags 101


by Jeanie Unlike the bug out bag with everything (or almost everything) you need to survive away from home, the Get Home Bag (GHB) has what you need to help get you home in an emergency. Without further ado, let’s talk about what it should look like and what to pack in it How Big Should … Read more