These Survival Weapons Will Keep Zombies at Bay

hunting slingshot

by Jeanie In the post Apocalyptic scenario when rule of law breaks down then householders need to protect their families – but aren’t we almost there already with home invasions and zombies hell-bent not just on taking your stuff but causing harm? And it’s your right to do everything in your power to protect your … Read more

Building Your Own Log Cabin

log cabin

by Ryan Building a log cabin is not complicated, but it is difficult. The work is back-breaking, and the process requires incredible tenacity. If you are doing the work by yourself, the build will take months and possibly years depending on how much free time you have to work on the project. That being said, … Read more

Top 5 Walther Pistols to Own

walther pistol

Walther is a gun company that always seems to introduce a new innovative feature with each gun they make. They’ve gone from a simple target rifle manufacturer in the 1880s to now being one of the most famous firearms manufacturers in the entire world. Walther produces an assortment of high-quality handguns for law enforcement, military, … Read more

The Definitive List of Bushcraft Skills


by Nicholas ‘Bushcraft’ is a word that gets thrown around very often in the survival community, but it’s also a word that far fewer people understand it. A truly skilled survivalist is someone who can use resources provided by nature exclusively to survive. For example, instead of using matches or a lighter to start a fire, … Read more