boots and a walking stick

Making Your Own Walking Stick

March 30, 2016 Dan Stevens 12

by Pearl A walking stick serves a number of uses. It is often used in hiking, to help navigate uneven terrain. It can also be used by those injured and the elderly for support and balance. […]

young girl in crowd

On Situational Awareness

March 12, 2016 Dan Stevens 13

by Megan One of the things that is so chaotic about emergencies, including criminal acts like home invasions, riots, and other disasters like tornados, floods, power outages, or even a SHTF event, is that they […]

fleece pullover

Clothing Yourself for Post-SHTF

March 9, 2016 Dan Stevens 1

by Megan You’ve been prepping for months now, maybe even years. But how much thought have you give to clothing yourself and your family post-SHTF? If you’re planning to bug out, you won’t have much […]

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Giveaway from (Update: check comments to find out who won)

March 7, 2016 Dan Stevens 46

Sponsored by Good news: is supporting a giveaway to MSO members!   You can win a MecArmy SGN3 CREE XP – G2 Keychain LED Flashlight. A very nice little light for your keychain, 160 lumens, a red light and a UV light.   How to enter? 1) Leave a message like “I WANT IT” and  2) Share your impressive flashlight […]