The Best Bushcraft Axes

January 30, 2016 Megan Stewart 4

The survival knife may be the most talked about tool, but smart preppers know some tasks are better suited for a bushcraft axe or hatchet. First assess what kinds of tasks you will be doing […]

branch covered with snow

The Ultimate Winter Survival Guide

January 23, 2016 Megan Stewart 7

“It’s a jungle out there” refers to not just a tropical jungle but a dense forest or even tough city streets. Winter brings cold temperatures, blowing winds, dangerous ice storms, blinding snow, and power outages. […]

key chain items

EDC Keychains

January 10, 2016 karen 7

by Karen updated by Derrick Krane In order to truly be prepared for whatever might happen in this world you need to have tools on hand no matter where you are. You might have a […]