Tractor Supply LED Emergency Light

Went to my local Tractor Supply to get my dogs favorite treats. While walking around looking at all the goodies I came across this multi-LED flashlight priced at $4.99. It came with batteries and had a spring-loaded clip point on it. It also had a magnet on the backside so it could be stuck on … Read more

Photo slideshow……Enjoy!

Hey all –  Every so often I throw together a few pictures I gather from my travels across the Internet. Last time it was all guns – this time a combination of things. Hope you see something you like. – – – Rourke   [slideshow_deploy id=’29358′]    * * * * * * * * … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks……THE FRANCHISE

THE FRANCHISE Upon the Ballot Box hangs our future well being and prosperity. I write this in the aftermath of the recent brave action by the Sergeant of Arms of the Canadian Parliament, whom having heard the sound of gunfire, charged valiantly into battle – and prevailed; and here in the United States, following yet … Read more

Gault on…..Terry Blount’s Prepping for Less

  Rourke: The following is in response to Terry Blount’s article “Prepping for Less”.   I’ve been saying it for some time now, all to many should expect and prepare for diminished returns on their investment in the American dream. It’s unfortunate and “WAS” wholly avoidable, but it’s pointless to relive in words what got … Read more

From the Desk of John Rourke – October 24th, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Confirmed Ebola infection in New York City. The 33 year old man is a doctor who treated Ebola patients in West Africa. He reportedly began to experience a fever and gastrointestinal  problems and sought medical attention. The doctor placed himself in quarantine once he started feeling poorly however just prior to that he … Read more

Prepping for Less

  by Terry Blount   According to the US government most people are dealing with a financial squeeze. Two out of every three citizens are now living from paycheck to paycheck… that means that two out of every three people who read this have limited discretionary income to purchase items that would prepare them for … Read more

Survival Biscuits?

I wrote this awhile back over at Figured many of you have not seen it as it is buried deep within the archives. To see it in its original form click HERE. Food is my major concern when looking at my preps. I feel like I could just never have enough. At this point … Read more

Ebola Information from AlertUSA Threat Journal

Via the latest issue from Infected Nurse Exposes Hundreds In Multiple States Obama to Bring Foreign Ebola Victims to U.S. National Guard and Reserve Activated   Between Oct 12-17, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following related Flash messages to subscriber mobile devices: 10/17 – FLASH: Dallas healthcare worker who cared for US Ebola index patient … Read more

11 month test – canned crackers

canning crackers, canning food, canning, food storage, survival, preparedness

My wife made some no-bean chili the other night. Stuff is fantastic but I must have saltine crackers to go with it. She said we were out……EXCEPT those ones in the jars sitting in the cabinet. She was referring to several jars of crackers that I had canned back in November of 2013. Would they … Read more

Thoughts on Ebola

Rourke: The following was sent in by “KAT” who works in the medical field. There is very little real information because this virus has only recently received the level of attention it should have given its seriousness. Other hemorrhagic fevers include Marburg virus and Rift valley fever, all of which have been localized to Sub-Saharan … Read more

Essentials for a Vehicle Emergency Kit

By Cherie Being prepared for an emergency is serious business. You probably realize, for instance, the wisdom of carrying an emergency kit in your vehicle. But do you have one in there right now? During the winter of 2006, a couple and their children were returning home from vacation. They missed their turnoff, drove perhaps … Read more

Ammo prices….

The ammunition market continues to get better since the days following the Sandy Hook shooting. At one point you couldn’t buy a box of 9mm – regardless of the price. Then a few boxes would start to show up at ridiculous prices. I continue to say it – stock up now because you never know … Read more