I live in a suburban neighborhood that doesn’t allow chickens or rabbits, but I decided that I wanted a homestead survival garden at least to grow some of my own food.  I don’t plan on becoming a total vegetarian, but want to provide some plant protein and vitamins for my family during a grid-down situation.   I … Read more

….On protecting yourself


 No, not guns, knives or slingshots. Your second skin.  If you have gained a few years and are well beyond that young, dumb and immortal era…and now just dumb, here are a few items to consider protecting your hide.   GOGGLES: There are some great deals on Mil surplus goggles as well as civilian sport … Read more

….On grid down laundry

  This is the first of a series of gear reviews that I will be leisurely doing. Due to the nature of our 16 person retreat, I have collected a lot of really cool useful gear. I will share my experiences and opinion of them here, as well as the price and a source if … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks……Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please

Essentials of Prepping:     Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please POLITICS, AND HOPE   Politics, a word made dirty by too many of our elected officials, by desperate office holders seeking to do anything, make any promise, make any compromise, in order ‘keep their jobs’ and get re-elected.   Like our ‘progressive’ income … Read more

Building your own gun for SHTF

In prepping there are few things more important than protecting the lives of yourself and your loved ones. It’s your duty to ensure their safety by any means necessary even in the toughest of times. As a prepper you probably own a firearm (or several) as a means of defense for you and your family. … Read more

5 Medical Tips When You’re Off the Map

Many people who are well prepared in other ways overlook the importance of being able to handle a medical emergency when venturing off the beaten path. Remote areas, especially mountainous ones, can present a challenge. Both weather and distance may make it impossible to leave the area for help. An injury to a limb or … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please

  Essentials of Prepping:   Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please   That great social democrat FDR once proclaimed, “All we have to fear is fear itself,” and that sentence galvanized the nation into action. Nowadays many of us have come to fear our blighted but powerful rich Uncle.   I have walked boldly … Read more

TEOTWAWKI Bartering (A different look!)

  By “The Coach”             There have been many articles written on “Survival Bartering”. Most are very well written. However, in this article I plan on taking a different look at “Survival Bartering” post TEOTWAWKI.             Post Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans metro area, no merchant would accept credit cards, debit cards or checks of … Read more

Through The Eyes Of A Young Prepper

  By TP As a teenage prepper, who has scoured the immense depths of the internet to view many of the available prepping forums and how-to’s, read every survival book that I could get my hands on, and also has spoken to quite a few outdoor enthusiasts…I would like to discuss a couple of topics … Read more

Wilderness Treatments for Burns

By Rose Cceberio, RN, BSN  Today, if one is out and about camping, hiking, or on a dry run or for real “Bug Out” route, one can encounter a few things alone the wilderness path that can cause bodily harm. Unless you thought of everything and you’re hiking with a 100 lb backpack, even then, … Read more

Integration of hand, knife and gun in grid down

  By Bret Gould Unless one lives under a rock, we have seen the dawn of the police state.  An overbearing mailed fist that will use Homeland Security, private contractors and Russian troops to disarm us and subjugate us.  In this time we will have to use every means at our disposal to survive and … Read more