Reading when TSHTF

The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest.   Reading when TSHTF With the advent of e-readers in recent years, the landscape of reading and of books has changed dramatically. What’s not to like about the ability to carry numerous books on one device? But in an EMP or similar … Read more

I am not Surprised…

The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest. It was written in response to my request for more guest posts for the current ongoing contest as I have not received very many entries. Summer Rose October 11, 2013 Well, I am not surprised there is a dearth of guest posts for … Read more

Review: Aegis Hybrid Holster

As someone that carries concealed on a regular basis this past summer was challenging. Currently my carry sidearm is a Smith & Wesson M&P9 full sized 9mm. My regular Fobus holster does not do well to help conceal the M&P when dressed in shorts and a t-shift. I recently received an Aegis “Shield” Hybrid holster … Read more

Survival fiction…..what do you like?

There is a lot of survival fiction out there. Many works are available in paperback while some others only on the Kindle. Quality ranges from those with a few spelling/grammatical errors (my book A Survival Story for example) to higher quality works like Patriots. Regardless – survival fiction seems to be very popular right now. … Read more

How to Tie a Two Half Hitch Knot

I have continued my quest to learn how to tie a variety of knots. Last week I covered the Bowline knot which looks to be a very useful one to know. This week I have been practicing the Half Hitch – or really the Two Half Hitch. I am not a knot-guru by any means and … Read more

New NAT GEO Movie: American Blackout – October 27th

Just got word that on October 27th the National Geographic Channel will premiere a new movie….American Blackout. Looks really interesting and right up my alley.   Here is a short synopsis from NatGeo: American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyber attack — told in … Read more

My emergency fund disappeared

Beyond just common sense, I have had the need for an Emergency Fund pounded into my head over the past several years by Ryan over at TSLR. Although I had not built my Emergency Fund up to the level that I would have liked – it came in handy recently when I had several unexpected … Read more

Random thoughts…….

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers regarding one of my martial arts instructors getting killed. Details are still coming in but it is really a shame. She was always extremely nice – always willing to help. I feel bad for all her students that will be coming to class this coming week (if the … Read more

You just never know…..

As I type this Friday night I just got word that it is likely one of my martial arts instructors was the victim of a double murder. Two people were found dead at the residence and her son is in custody. Not looking good. It’s times like this that I sit here and reflect on … Read more

Keep a cool head

“Pressure” and “stress” has been on my mind lately. I have witnessed over the past two weeks people just come apart at the seams over what I consider nothing. People get wrapped up in their own world and loose perspective. It happens to all of us – but I try to keep that fact right … Read more

Looking for 5.56mm or Magpul PMAG’s?

Although ammunition is certainly in better supply now than just a couple months ago – prices are still not the best. I came a decent deal on 5.56 American Eagle 55 gr. FMJ rounds from  Brownells – $8.99/box – Click HERE for more information. Just search for American Eagle. Suggestions would be to get a group to … Read more

Tying a Bowline knot

One skill I have never had has been tying different types of knots. Over the years I have wasted a lot of rope using the wrong knot in different applications. Recently I have been working on that and learned how to tie a useful and very easy knot called the Bowline. The Bowline is useful … Read more

UPDATE: Guns & Ammo – cost and availability

Here in the Southeast the availability of ammunition – and firearms – is about back to normal. If you want to buy guns online check out my local shop Nichol’s Store. With the exception of .22LR most ammunition can be bought pretty much whenever needed. After .22LR, 9mm is the most difficult to get. Wal-Mart … Read more

Excellent portable survival shelter you already have….and don’t even realize it

A huge topic on many preparedness sites and forums revolves around shelter. Obviously if you are bugging in your house is your preferred shelter. If heading to a retreat then that is your planned shelter. When considering shelter a wide array of types are considered from wilderness lean-to, hammocks, tarps, tents, and sometimes nothing but … Read more

Part 7: To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question

To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question…PART 7 by M.B. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6          This is a good spot to briefly discuss bartering. Bartering for life saving resources is a lot different than haggling over a used car or something at a garage sale. … Read more

My favorite “survival” food

My food storage program consists of grocery store foods, freeze dried, dehydrated, and bulk stores such as rice, wheat, and beans. I have been thinking that I really need to inventory everything and come up with a menu system. Having a schedule of what we can and will prepare would likely take the edge off … Read more

Government slimdown shows true colors in White House

It is pretty telling how the Obama Administration is directing departments to make this shutdown effect as many people in the public as possible totally for political gain. Rather than strategically looking at a huge variety of “non-essential” services that could be eliminated to have as minimal effect on as few a citizens as possible … Read more

Like Westerns? Check this out…….

  True Story Of Kill Or Be Killed In The Real Old West If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to strap on a six-gun in the real Old West and have a face-off-in-the-street gunfight where only the fastest gunslinger walks away – – then this recently discovered memoir by one of the Old … Read more

Preparedness Eye Candy

Alright folks….many of us just get weak in the knees when we see an awesome looking tactical carbine or knife. If your like me – this is for you. Enjoy! Rourke   [slideshow_deploy id=’24920′]  

Part 4: To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question

To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question…PART 4 by M.B. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3       Where – Where will we meet if separated before, during and after an event? A minimum of two Rendezvous Points (R.P.’s) per time period would be good (a main & an alternate), remember that it’s always … Read more