To Survive, You Need a Plan

To Survive, You Need a Plan by L.B. I’ve always been a planner. When I was a teenager, a tornado struck my hometown. My parents and siblings raced for the tornado cellar, and I walked calmly but quickly through the house, grabbing our first-aid kit, a jug of water, and a box of granola bars … Read more

Getting ready for winter….

Here in the southeast the winters are not so harsh that MAJOR tasks need to be done to get ready. I really do not have to worry about massive snow or ice storms. Seems every decade or so we get dumped on – but it’s pretty rare and doesn’t last long. The weather is starting … Read more

To Flee or Not To Flee……Weapons: Part 2

Part 1 can be read HERE.   To Flee or Not To Flee That is the Question… PART TWO (…Well one of them anyway) A (Short) Beginners Guide to Preparing for Emergencies Proverbs 19:20 by M.B. Now onto some other weapons. Knives are good. They’re quiet, concealable, never run out of ammo & are easy … Read more

New Book: All We Like Sheep

I have been doing a decent amount of reading lately with most of it not related to preparedness. I just received a new book called “All We Like Sheep“. Interesting title, huh? Here is the basic plot summary: George Washington is rolling in his grave…or is he? Madison Thomas, a slightly awkward American Studies professor at Georgetown … Read more

The Book of the Empowerer

The Book of the Empowerer These are not all original. Many of them you may have heard used colloquially. I just decided to make a list of some words to live by; words to grow by; words to empower. by M.B.   Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance Emergencies Are Just Unplanned Reality Checks Information Leads … Read more

Women….Be Prepared

Women….Be Prepared  by M.B.       Okay so here we go with another “preparedness” type of document, I know, but there is a subject that is not often spoken about specifically when the conversation turns towards preparedness. It is a subject that can affect every female regardless of age, race, etc… I have a several female … Read more

The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights…..familiarize yourself

The Constitution is probably one of the most important documents that WE NEVER READ or HAVE NEVER READ. In political arguments and discussions the term “that is un-Constitutional” is thrown around a lot. I think in these troubling times where the average citizen is looking at the events that are shaping and changing this country … Read more

Technical issues and Remember 9/11

All – I am having serious server issues with ModernSurvivalOnline which is limiting my ability to work within the site. I am not feeling too positive about the prognosis here….. Meanwhile – let us all remember the events of 9/11 and the hero’s that stood up and made a difference that day. What an amazing feeling it … Read more

Firearm Review: Henry Arms US Survival Rifle……..

This post was originally published HERE on ModernSurvivalOnline.   Introduction: The Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle is the latest rendition of the USAF AR-7 that many Air Force pilots carried “just in case” for the last 40+ years. Even today it can be found stored away by many backpackers, bush pilots, and ATV riders. The AR-7 is … Read more