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Idea for silent alarm…..

August 30, 2013 Rourke 17

A while back I wrote about an idea I had using small solar-powered lights to charge AA batteries. Works well and is inexpensive. Reader “Brad” sent me an email and gave me another idea. Use […]

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How Do You USE Your Preparedness Supplies?

August 29, 2013 Rourke 7

The following article was originally published over at and thought it might be enjoyed over here as well. It can be seen in its original format HERE. Rourke By failing to prepare, you are […]

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72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists”

August 28, 2013 Rourke 18

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents by Michael T Snyder, The Truth ****This article appeared in its original form here –  Are you a conservative, a libertarian, […]

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Recent firearms training…..

August 28, 2013 Rourke 2

This past weekend I attended a pistol and carbine training course. It was fantastic and I learned much more than I expected. Between different stances and tweaks to my grip holding my M&P9 – I saw […]

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Rodents after it hits the fan…..

August 27, 2013 Rourke 23

At the risk of jeopardizing my manhood – I hate mice. I admit it. Beyond a solid dislike for the rodents they propose a definite threat to existing food supplies if they gain access. The […]

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Footwear question……

August 24, 2013 Rourke 11

What is your choice for footwear for “survival” situations? I am partial to waterproof hiking shoes myself – but would like to hear what others like.  Do you have an option that works well for […]

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Abuse of power?

August 23, 2013 Rourke 9

News Story: “A small organic farm in Arlington, Texas, was the target of a massive police action last week that included aerial surveillance, a SWAT raid and a 10-hour search.” “Members of the local police raiding party […]

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Disaster Pop Quiz

August 20, 2013 Rourke 12

Disaster Pop Quiz by Brad   Okay so for years the government and other groups (most likely including your employer) have discussed “Contingency Plans” in the event of a disaster while you are at work.  […]


Preparing for and Reacting to Riots

August 19, 2013 Rourke 9

by Irish-7, Editor at Large You must have been living under a rock if you have not seen or heard about the mass outbreaks of rioting that have been occurring in the United States, and elsewhere […]

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Naturally Repelling Insects

August 17, 2013 Rourke 1

Naturally Repelling Insects If you plan on hiking, camping, or even taking your dogs for a walk in the foothills, it is important that you use both common sense and insect repellent to deter insects […]

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Knowledge is Power!

August 15, 2013 Rourke 3

Knowledge is Power! By “The Coach” Editor At Large   In today’s world knowledge is power. Too many people get all of what they think they know by watching the TV news, listening to the […]

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A Really Good Reason To Prep

August 13, 2013 Rourke 3

The Florida Land Development Project A Really Good Reason To Prep By Linda Leonardy   Recently I had the opportunity to relate to a small group of visitors a true incident that happened in the […]

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Good enough for you….but not for Congress

August 12, 2013 Rourke 9

The ruling class of government  continue to stick their nose up ….right in front of us and in blatant fashion. Those very elected representatives that pushed ObamaCare onto the citizens of this country because it […]

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Call to Action: August ’13 – Fuel

August 11, 2013 Rourke 13

This is the fourth installment of a monthly series called “Call to Action”. Call to Action (CTA) is a monthly reminder to review one part of your prep’s and strengthen it. #1 – Food #2 – Shelter #3 – Water Fuel is […]

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Day of relaxing……sort of

August 10, 2013 Rourke 7

Hi folks, I have traveled to my brothers place in Georgia for the weekend. Hoping to get some serious relaxing done….along with some “run and gun” shooting. I enjoy getting back to the countryside and […]

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Canning Bacon

August 9, 2013 Rourke 11

[Rourke: The post below was originally published over at It can be read in its original format here.]     Canning Bacon by sevantheart, Editor at Large   You will need:   a large (tall) pressure […]

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Huddled in the Dark – Part III

August 8, 2013 Rourke 6

Huddled in the Dark – Part III by Shirley Swift   What a yard sale we had. Everything accumulated over the past fifteen years was in the yard and garage. No one had extra money […]