Hurricane Sandy causes havok…..

  As I write this Hurricane Sandy is generating chaos in the New England area, including New Jersey and New York. One reader (Sara) from Massachusetts sent me the following pictures and I wanted to share.   The following pictures are before and after photo’s. It is hard to tell…..that’s kinda the point.   Thank you Sara for … Read more

How an RV Can Save Your Family in an Emergency

The Ultimate Bug Out/In Vehicle: How an RV Can Save Your Family in an Emergency   My wife and I have lived full time in RV’s for five years and have owned every kind of RV on the market. When an emergency strikes having an RV fully loaded and ready to go (or stay whatever … Read more

Firearm Review: Henry Arms US Survival Rifle……..

Introduction: The Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle is the latest rendition of the USAF AR-7 that many Air Force pilots carried “just in case” for the last 40+ years. Even today it can be found stored away by many backpackers, bush pilots, and ATV riders. The AR-7 is known for its unique ability to disassemble in several components and store … Read more

Prepper Fiction: 299 Days……….

I have a copy of Glen Tate’s new book –  299 Days: The Preparation – on the way. This book is one in a series of 10 planned. Although my time is very valuable and in limited supply – I have been really trying to read more. After reading the summary of 299 Days and … Read more

Equipment Review: AQUAMIRA Frontier Water Filter Straw

I have several methods for making suspect water safe at home as well as while traveling. One of the most inexpensive methods incorporated in my system is the Aquamira water filter straw. I received this water filter from who carry the Aquamira as well as many other survival and preparedness supplies.   Why the … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks…….

The Panhandle Rancher responds to my recent post on redoing my bug out bags……..  – Rourke ———————————————————————————————————————-   Rourke,   It is my experience that the large and medium ALICE rucks and metal frames offer the very best value to price ratio. For safety, I drilled all of the old loose rivets on the ruck frames and … Read more

A message from Jesse James……

MSO Readers,   I have exciting things to tell you! No, the US isn’t solvent again…c’mon I’m not a miracle worker here. However, in the coming weeks you will be the privileged few who will have the opportunity to view my woodland exploits. I anticipate a mixture between Mr. Magoo and Bear Grylls, with a … Read more

MSOnline Editor-at-Large Jesse James…….

All –  I would like to introduce Jesse James, Editor-at-Large for ModernSurvivalOnline. He has already published a couple of articles here and has some very interesting and exciting stuff planned. I am really looking forward to seeing more from him. Also – please keep in mind the definition of a “classical liberal” – A political philosophy that places … Read more

Survival Priorities

Survival Priorities A SERIES OF ARTICLES ON SMART SURVIVAL Selecting Your Survival Retreat   You can imagine my delight when I gleaned the reflection of snow atop the “Whites” from an opening of clouds as I headed up the washboard road, leaving the valley floor behind and climbing into the steep sided canyon, protecting my … Read more

One preppers survival kit/bug out bag system…..

Irish-7 was nice enough to share his survival kit/bug out bag system with all of Rourke’s Patriot’s – that’s you. He sent this in response to my article   Thanks Irish-7!!!  – Rourke     As mentioned in my post, attached is the listing of the different size kits that I put together in the … Read more

Presidential debate and gun control…….

  Well, I just finished watching the 2nd Presidential Debate and although I do not hear the lamestream media discussing it -Obama made a very honest and foretelling statement. For me – it was the most surprising admission of the night.   President Obama said the following: “…….weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don’t belong on … Read more

Post-SHTF hemorrhoids…….

  People laugh at the word and likely when you read the title you thought to yourself……”What? Is Rourke being serious? Is he really writing about ‘hemorrhoids’ of all things after the SHTF? Is this really on a preparedness website?“ Yes, it is. Nearly 1 in 5 of us will discover the uncomfortable reality that we have hemorrhoids. In … Read more

Weekend of planning……

  This weekend I am in Georgia at my brothers place. Looking forward to doing some shooting and test a few pieces of gear. Brought along a Springfield XD9 9mm pistol as well as a Henry Arms US Survival Rifle. Reports coming soon.   Testing a new set of FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies and a water purification straw. Plan to do … Read more

Being frugal……homemade laundry detergent

Many preppers today are doing so out of fear of inflation and the economy. More and more people are shopping sales, using coupons, and shopping discount centers. Part of my inflation protection system is stocking up on many commonly used household items such as shampoo, body wash, soap, toilet paper, dish detergent, and laundry detergent. I buy … Read more

Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bags: The Essence of a Specialized Checklist   Bug out bags is beneficial for those who want to endure survival situations. It should be remembered that anything can happen during the said circumstances and it would be best to have essential items to help ease difficult times. Putting the said factors into consideration, … Read more

Hunt Now…For Later

by Jesse James ModernSurvivalOnline Patriot and Editor-at-Large   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services estimates that about 5% of the population over 16 hunts during any given year. The study was done in 2006 and if the trend for the last 20 years is any indication, it is likely a few points lower this year. … Read more