Looking to join a survival group?

If you are serious about preparedness and looking for a group of like-minded folks…..check out the info below. Location is north Idaho. – – – Rourke   Maybe like you, we have found that most folks truly do not plan ahead. Then the few that even try in the event of a future crisis often can not … Read more

Range Safety Talking Points

  Range Safety Talking Points   By Gilfner   People that belong to a gun club or range probably don’t need this because the range will have their version of it & go over it every time people are on the range shooting.  I don’t belong to a range, I go into the woods outside … Read more

Top 10 books for a WROL library…..

In a grid down, societal collapse, WROL situation – what books would you want on your bookshelf? Here are a few suggestions:   1. Without Rule of Law: Advanced Skills to Help You Survive – I am still reading this book and find it very informative. To the non-military person – like me – I am … Read more

Getting started in gardening……………

Getting Started in Gardening By John Rourke http://modernsurvivalonline.com There are many reasons to have your own garden. Growing and eating vegetables that you grew from scratch by preparing soil, planting seeds, weeding, watering and picking all yourself is incredibly rewarding. Money can be saved as seeds are much less expensive than the corresponding produce. Fresh … Read more

Bears Bear Watching……

Bears Bear Watching by Don A. Levine   Evidently June is bear month.  Here are just a few of the June 2012 headlines: Payson, Arizona – two attacks in one week British Colombia, Canada – man attacked while in his hot tub at home Cape Cod, Massachusetts – rare sighting of animal roving Cape Cod Boulder … Read more

Re-post: Imagine for a Moment – The Reality of an EMP Event Part One AND Two

Author’s Note:  Rourke has been a good friend of our team at SurvivalWeek.com and is aware of the tremendous research we have done on the topic of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  Since he receives numerous questions each week regarding this topic, he asked us to put together a two-part article to provide some clarity on the … Read more

Guest Post: Why I Prepare?

Why I Prepare…… by Jennifer in Reno   I was in the 3rd grade when I experience my first earth quake.  It was October 17th, 1989 at 6:04 in the evening.  Just about dinner time for my sister and I.  We were enjoying a regular evening home with my mother while my father was just … Read more

Special Report: Building a Survival Battery

Building a Survival Battery By John Rourke  Firearms must be an integral part of any survival and preparedness system. Why? The reason is simple. Consider a solar flare or EMP attack which causes most all electronics to fail-   The power grid is down. Communication methods do not work. All businesses are closed. No method … Read more

Guest Post: Government Handouts?

By Courtney D.   It’s getting harder to be self-sufficient. The government seems hell-bent on preventing it. From “nuisance abatement teams” forcing off-griders to hook back in to cities creating ordinances so that they can destroy our backyard gardens, taking care of our own families is certainly being undermined by politicians intent to control us. … Read more

Dangerous gardening?

  I stickfight. I shoot. I grapple. I crossfit. I mountain bike.   I also just severely damaged in my right hand, middle finger.   I would like to say I did it fighting off some evil ninja’s while saving a damsel in distress. I would like to say I did it while training and exerting tremendous … Read more