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Guest Post: Fighting fire when the SHTF

April 30, 2012 Rourke 2

  By FireGrump   We often talk about all the things to do to prepare for the worst. Whether it’s eco-collapse, terrorism, natural catastrophe-whatever, we also have to think about protecting ourselves from fire. No, […]

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Guest Post: Inalienable, My Ass

April 29, 2012 Rourke 26

 by Rock Cowles I don’t believe in natural rights or inalienable rights. I think they are desperate philosophical fantasies, much like Heaven and the altruistic Old Man in the Sky waiting to bring us home […]

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Why do I Prepare… by Blueridgeprepper1

April 27, 2012 Rourke 5

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This country has lost its moral core”?  Do you believe that because of liberal influences and a misguided Supreme Court we now live in a country that has Freedom […]

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Guest Post: Why I Prepare………by Sally

April 26, 2012 Rourke 1

 by Sally Decker                   The lifestyle choice to prep was not one I accepted willingly, I came kicking and screaming into this life.   It began when I watched the mess that Katrina had left behind.  […]

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Why I Prepare? … from Ben

April 23, 2012 Rourke 2

Why do I prepare?   That is a tricky question isn’t it? Everyone has their reasons and most of those reasons don’t make sense to others.   The reason I prep:   Well for most […]

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Hunting Skills for Preppers

April 22, 2012 Rourke 2

by SP Many preppers invest a lot of time and money into food storage.   I have seen and read many instances where some folks have been able to accumulate as much as 50,000 pounds of […]

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Improvised Medicine

April 20, 2012 Rourke 4

An introduction by the Veridian Caballero As a prepper it becomes easy to dream up worst case scenarios. From fires, floods and other natural disasters to man-made catastrophes such as an NBC attack, socio-economic collapse […]

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Never too late to begin Prepping

April 19, 2012 Rourke 3

So you have been watching television, catching the newest trend of prepping, and the more you watch the more you start to realize that it is not the exception to prep but becoming the norm […]

Feeling like doing some reading?

April 15, 2012 Rourke 8

I have been loading up my Kindle Fire with several books and ebooks. Although I struggle finding the time to read all of them, I often browse chapters for specific info. I am currently reading […]

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Guest Post: Community

April 15, 2012 Rourke 2

Community is something we hear about in prepping circles but it is usually spoken of in very vague terms and with little explanation.  A community is necessary because in a SHTF or WROL situation you […]

Guest Post: The First Prep

April 14, 2012 Rourke 2

  My family and I are new to prepping in the sense of the Survival Triangle.  Water/Food, Shelter/Heat, and Protection all tied together by energy make up this Survival Triangle.  These are the things we […]