Guest Post: Emergency Roadside Repairs

You’ve probably already read my review of the Paladin Go Bag and my use of it as an emergency roadside toolkit.  In all honesty, an emergency roadside toolkit is completely worthless, unless you know how to use it.  Today we’ll discuss a few problems which may occur while on the road, and how to correct … Read more

Guest Post: Prep now! Carry Later!

by ANDBBMO The worst part about buying a new gun ………is the cost of all the accessories! It seems that your estimated amount you allot for the purchase of a new firearm doubles or triples by the time you’re finished getting everything you need with it. Hands down, AR’s are the worst! Slings, magazines, different … Read more

Sharpening Your Edge

by DL Sharp edges are useful, whether on an axe or knife. Knives are a great tool in your home, garden – just about anywhere. It is a 2nd to last resort for self defense, just above hand to hand. A knife needs different types of edges for different tasks. You would not go about … Read more

Water is Life Part 1

water, water storage, purification, TSHTF, SHTF

“Each trooper will be charged with responsibility for preserving water. Our existence as an operating army depends on these following water saving procedures. Remember, water is life.” Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi classic Dune showed us a world with very little water, where even the moisture of your own breath was captured and retained as a future … Read more

A few random thoughts…….

A few things that have been on my mind…… Just came back from a trip to my bug out location – my brothers land in Georgia. Walked much of the land and saw tons of deer scat and game trails. Lots of brier bushes – watch out. A short drive looking around at nearby land … Read more

This weeks assignment: Toilet Paper

Consider a post-apocalyptic world. Consider the comforts of modern day living are mostly nonexistent. You have stockpiled food, water, medical supplies, etc. You are cooking in your dutch oven and fishing with your ample supply of tackle that you have put back. Your spouse sticks there head out from behind a tree and requests…..”Honey…..please bring me a roll of … Read more

New Project: 10/22 Tactical

The Ruger 10/22 is the rimfire rifle which most all others are compared. Most every like-minded survivalist I know owns one (or more).  I have decided to add another 10/22 to my collection. Why? Why not! I love shooting the rimfire cartridge and in my preparedness-thinking mind another quality .22LR can’t hurt. So…here is the … Read more

This weeks assignment: Matches

Super cheap but highly valuable – matches. For $10.00 you can buy thousands of them. Many stores actually have books of them for free – giving them away with their logo on them. In a post-SHTF world – matches will become extremely valuable. Your assignment for this week is to put back a decent supply … Read more

The 1 pound tool kit

I have seen a lot of recommendation lists for BOB and EDC, and I have studied each one, always taking in new ideas and double checking myself.  One thing I have that I haven’t seen a lot of is a portable toolkit, at least not like mine.  I know that a lot of preppers won’t … Read more

Remembering some cool knives……

When my interest first peaked in “survival” I was around 14 years old. This was in the mid-80’s between the release of the movies First Blood and Red Dawn. Survival knives began to gain popularity and there are several models I remember fondly. Now – I am not suggesting all of these were actually very useful … Read more

SHTF Survival: First Response Packs for Medical Emergencies

By: Tess Pennington   When there is a  medical emergency, time is of the essence. Typically, medical rescue workers who respond to accidents work swiftly by having their supplies organized and at times, pre-assembled (wound care, trauma packs) to treat patients more efficiently.  Having these items pre-packaged cuts down on response time, and gives the responders more of … Read more

Netflix pick: The Postman

My Netflix pick this week is available only in DVD – no streaming. Kevin Costner stars in the apocalyptic action/sci-fi movie – The Postman.  Here is a brief summary from Netflix: In the year 2013, amidst the desolation of a decimated, post-apocalypse United States, rogue groups of armed men prey on individuals. The largest of these — … Read more

Girls and Guns

by Amber Waldroup When it comes to guns, I admit, I let my husband handle them. He knows the ins and outs of each gun, how to take them apart, clean them, and put them back together, and what to shoot with what gun. He lets me handle the food and other supplies. I know … Read more

Precious metal math for fun and profit

by Burne51     In the prepper pantheon of Gold, Guns and Grain, precious metals seem to rank second in the amount of discussion and thought given over to them, behind boomsticks.   Whether it’s the need for a new gold standard; how much silver to keep handy and in what form; how to hide … Read more

Changing the Gun Control Landscape

By Kevin Zent This subject is near and dear to me and I’ll bet also to you. Gun control proponents are everywhere. A person does not have to look very hard to find anti-gun sentiment on the internet, on network television or cable news networks. The coverage is always very one sided. We can hardly blame those … Read more