New purchase: Vortex StrikeFire red dot sight

I got home today and found that my mail-man brought me a new toy – a Vortex Strikefire red dot sight. I have been interested in this sight for my Stag AR for quite some time. Having researched and read many reviews as well as watched several YouTube video’s – most all the information I … Read more

Emergency Water Storage – the Ultimate Guide

Water (H20) is the main constituent of the body, making up 70-75% of the body’s total composition.  It has many functions within the body, including maintenance of the body’s core temperature, helping in digestion (fats and proteins primarily), cushioning / lubricating organs and joints, transporting nutrients, and flushing toxins. The primary biochemical pathways that occur … Read more

Netflix pick: The Edge

Netflix is an excellent deal in my opinion. For less than $10.00 per month you can access and watch thousands of movies, documentaries, program and more through your computer, TV, media player or entertainment system. This week I am recommending an older movie called The Edge. This movie lends itself to thinking about wilderness preparedness. Here is a summary: When … Read more

How to Start Prepping with $100

food stockpile

I have received quite a few emails recently from people that are concerned about the future of this country as well as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. One of the things that I am confronted with is….”I do not make much money and want to prep – but I just cannot afford it. What am I to … Read more

10 Effective Weapons Against Zombies


Zombies irritate me. It’s always in the middle of the night they come scratching on a window. Sometimes it is while I am out grilling burgers when they come around with an half an eye hanging out of their head. Jeeze, show some respect! I think by now the zombie craze has mostly faded, at … Read more

My Top 10 Must-Have Bug Out Bag Items

By BadVooDooDaddy This post really made me think about what those top 10 items would be.  I had to do a bit of thinking and soul searching to come up with these items.  There are quite a few that didn’t make the list but it did make me realize that I really don’t need some … Read more

Review of the The G24i Power Curve

by Jim Jones – KC5DOV I found a neat little SOLAR CHGARGER for charging all my personal electronics such as my cell phone, MP3 player, and my GPS.  It is the G24 INNOVATIONS Power Curve.  I have used both of mine for over one year without any problems. They are lightweight and easy to use.  The … Read more

Do Preppers Want the World to End?

nuclear blast

I have seen that many non-preppers make comments such as “You must be hoping that TSHTF so you can justify spending all this money on all this stuff you have.” Another comment I have seen is “You must be pretty paranoid.” Those are some of the nicer ones that can be published here. A significant remainder revolves around … Read more