Recent event a “wake up” call

The other day I had something happen that was kind of a “wake up” call. A co-worker – who was on vacation in process of moving – called me at work. This is how the conversation went: Co-worker: “Are you sitting at your desk?” Rourke: “Yes – why?” Co-worker: “I need you to bring up … Read more

Magpul AR magazines

You can have the best battle rifle but it is little more than an expensive ill-designed club without ammunition and a magazine to feed it. I have had my AR for well over a year now and have tried several magazines from different manufactures. I have been impressed overall with all as I have had … Read more

New Survival School opens in South Carolina

My fellow YouTube survival-buddy EastCoastPatriot has recently announced that he has started a Survival School. Awesome!! The school is located in South Carolina on 600 acres of farm land and offers 2 survival courses. Here is a quick overview: 1. Wilderness Survival Course With this course in mind, we want to teach a basic foundation … Read more

Some interesting new firearms for 2011

I love guns – of all types. I own several now and they are geared towards the “defensive” catagory and have more purchases planned as the budget (and the wife) will allow. I have recently seen a few newer firearms that I thought were pretty interesting. Figured I would pass these on to you as … Read more

Two Good Multi Use Chemicals for Your Bug out Bag

There have been many good articles on items that are needed for an emergency kit.  In this article I will discuss two easy to purchase chemicals that have multiple practical uses. These two chemicals are glycerin and potassium permanganate. Many of you have probably seen the videos on how to use these chemicals to start a … Read more

A stroll in the woods…

This past Saturday morning, a buddy of mine picked me up and we went scouting for turkeys on public Game Management Land. When he picked me up he said that he suggested I bring one of my pistols – which I responded by simply lifting my sweatshirt and showed him my holstered XD. I asked … Read more

Hospitals and medical centers in an emergency

My mother was recently rushed to the hospital in an ambulance due to a severe case of pneumonia. She is 80 years old and for awhile there – there was a question as to if she would make it. She is back at home now and doing better. I really appreciate the kind words that … Read more

Review: Esbit Pocket Survival Stove

esbit pocket stove

I recently had the opportunity to try out a classic survival item – the pocket stove. Being able to boil water for purification purposes as well as heat/cook food in the field is important. Many foods – such as MREs and freeze dried camp foods – can be eaten cold but just flat out taste … Read more

Another conversation with Paul R.

A while back I had lunch with a friend of mine named Paul. We discussed the economy and unemployment. He doesn’t really know my involvement with preparedness and has always seemed to me somewhat of a “yuppie”.  We met for lunch this past Wednesday and the conversation led to gas prices…..and his concerns and worries about … Read more

Interview: YouTube’s ThePatriotNurse

It is my honor to provide here a written interview with YouTube’s – ThePatriotNurse. I have been watching her videos for a couple of months now – and she is providing some excellent and very much needed preparedness information. On with the interview… Can you tell us a little about yourself and how did you became interested in … Read more