2011 Preparedness Goals: Updated 3-21-2011

NOTE: Goals update for March 2011 – note these quantities are not inventory numbers – but rather inventory increases.

At the end of December I posted about some of my 2011 Preparedness Goals. I mentioned in my post that I would provide status updates periodically through the year on my goals.

So – here are some updates of my preparedness goals for 2011:

Food Storage: [UPDATED – New Qtys Left]

  • Increase my food stores – specifically, additional canned goods as follows
    • 50 20 10 cans – Whole Potatoes
    • 40 20 10 cans – Corn
    • 25 15 cans – Green Beans
    • 25 20 15 cans – Pineapple
    • 15 5 cans – Fruit Cocktail
    • 20 0 cans – Pear
    • 20 0 cans – Peaches
    • 30 20 15 cans – Beans, baked
    • 20 cans – Beef Stew
    • 100 60 50 cans – Soup, various
    • 10 5 canned Hams
      • How will I accomplish this goal?
        • Shop sales weekly on desired storage foods
        • Clip and order coupons to increase buying power
        • Due date: year end 2011

***** I have been making some good additions to food that I have put back. Upcoming visit to the LDS Cannery should be the start of some serious acceleration to my food storage program.

Alternative Power Support: [Nothing on this as of yet]

  • Get back up power supply
    • Buy generator – minimum 3500kw
      • How will I accomplish this goal?
        • Save money to purchase.
        • Make larger purchase Fall of 2011 to complete needs
        • Due date: October 2011

Defensive Support:

  • Increase ammo stores – specifically: [Nothing on this as of yet]
    • 80 rounds of .30-30 Winchester ammo
    • 200 rounds of 5.56mm ammo
    • 500 rounds .40S&W ammo
    • 500 rounds .30 Carbine ammo
      • How will I accomplish this goal?
        • Purchase a few boxes of ammo on the 3oth of each month (payday)
        • Make larger purchase Fall of 2011 to complete needs
        • Due date: year end 2011
  • Add additional firearms – specifically: [UPDATED]I recently acquired a M1 Carbine with 6 15-rd magazines. Due to this my goals may change regarding firearm additions.
    • Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun
    • CHOATE Folding Stock for M1 Carbine [NEW as of 3-21-2011]
    • AK-47 Rifle (not sure exactly which manufacturer – possibly Inter-Ordnance)
      • How will I accomplish this goal?
        • Lay-a-way firearms over the course of the year and/or
        • Make larger purchase Fall of 2011 to complete needs
        • Due date: year end 2011


  • Better organize survival & preparedness supplies: [Nothing on this as of yet]
    • How will I accomplish this goal?
      • Divide up supplies into individual labeled plastic totes.
      • Make better use of shelving in garage.
      • Take inventory of all supplies.
      • Due date: March 1st, 2011 – running late on this one.
  • Adapt Preparedness System so that supplies can be re-located in short-notice: [Nothing on this as of yet]
    • How will I accomplish this goal?
      • Purchase trailer to load supplies into.
      • Maintain system of having most supplies in movable containers.
      • Maintain system of having empty containers available for those supplies stored in cabinets and on shelves.
      • Due date: year end 2011

As I stated in my original post – these are but some of my Preparedness related goals. Food storage, alternative power and defensive support are a few key area’s I am looking to improve in 2011.

More updates coming.


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  1. Rourke, looks like your knocking it out. Money for me is usually the reason I can not get something done right away. Retirement and disability are kind of limited right now. I need to sit down and take an inventory of my prep’s like you have and see where I am lacking and hit it from that angle. As always a very good post. I am always inspired by you. Keep it up. By the way how is the garden going so far?

  2. Usually during a hurrican slated to pound our area (Texas Gulf Coast), one can locate generators for sale on local corners and roadsides for about double the original price. They are NOT-NOT-NOT to be found anywhere, at any price, through normal retail channels. Late in the year after hurricane season is over, particularly if a big one came through, you can find stacks of generators in places like Austin and San Antonio for less than half of retail. In 2007 or 2008 I went to a Home Depot in Austin to buy a screwdriver, and ended up buying four 5000 watt generators (retail ~$750) for just under $300. I called as many friends as I knew to see who might want one, and got two yeses and missed talking to some. Regardless, I bought for the two I know wanted them, and picked up a couple of spares which got quickly claimed once I got back to Houston.

    The point is, you can get more than you think by being imaginative and networking. For instance, if I knew of specific people who were interested in getting a generator and were willing to cover the actual cost of purchase and shipping, if I ran across something like that again I’d give them a call and see if they were in position to get one.

    Needless to say, you’d really have to be careful to avoid getting scammed, etc., so you’d need to ensure you could trust someone to send you something once you paid for it, or if you were the one buying for someone else, you’d need to be able to trust them to send you the money and not leave you hanging out to dry with a major purchase you already have and can’t afford to burn money on. (May be the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written.)

    It seems to me that there should be some sort of way to maximize utilization of limited resources through some sort of networking of likeminded folks. I don’t know how, but, if someone can think of a way I hope it will get shared.


  3. Keep at it, a liitle at time and it all adds up. To have something, anything is better than nothing at all. I have have been buying a little ammo for each caliber I need every month and as much food as possible. It looks like we will be moving in July to be closer to Family and a hospital for my wife. We are packing up slowly. This is a good time for that diffinative master inventory…


  4. I like your system. You are way more organized than i was when building up the foodstuff. I just bought whatever i used that was on sale in canned goods (long term and regular), to the point where i ended up donating some to food pantries. Now i have a rotation down so i use each item before it gets tastless and replace within a month or so for regular and within a year for long term stuff. I’d like to get away from the purchased storage altogether and home can most things from local sources, will be adding another garden and greenhouse this year with luck.

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