18 things every child should be taught


There are things that every kid should learn as they grow up. Some of these things are simple matters of convenience. Others may just save a few dollars. More importantly – some may just save the kids life.

As a parent – or maybe a grandparent – it is your responsibility to make sure that kids are prepared for life. With that in mind here are 18 things that each kid should be taught:

  • Stand up for yourself
  • Build a fire
  • Jump start a car
  • Check your oil
  • Hammer a nail
  • Handle a gun
  • Plant a seed, grow a vegetable, and eat it
  • How to shake hands
  • How to manage money
  • Keep your commitments – you are not judged on your intentions, you are judged on your actions
  • How to determine how much to tip
  • Set up a camp site
  • How to fish
  • How to handle losing, and winning
  • How to respect your elders
  • Respect the environment
  • Cook a steak to perfection
  • How and when to fight
  • How to have integrity & honor
  • Change a tire


My youngest son Christopher from a couple years ago.


No doubt the list could go on and on. What do you think should be added to the list?



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10 thoughts on “18 things every child should be taught”

  1. Be humble. There are only a few other things that will cause a rapid loss of the most crucial things to survive and prosper than thinking you are better than everyone else. Be humble. Foster it and you will be fostering the grounds for respect, integrity,honesty, and personal growth. All attributes that will be in short supply when the SHTF!!!!

  2. Rourke, as you said the list could go on. The only important thing I can think to add would be “critical thinking”.
    The desire or ability to gather available information, discern fact from fiction, and arrive at a conclusion which makes sense seems to be fading fast in our young people.
    “My friend tweeted it, it must be true.”

  3. I’d like to add a few:

    -How to call BS: You don’t have to agree!! You make and experience your own reality and it’s not what schools tell you.

    -How to navigate with a watch and compass. Celestial navigation using the stars, Moon and Sun (See ‘Never Get Lost – The Green Beret Compass Course’ by Don Paul).

    -Traditional instinctive archery.

    -The difference between right and wrong.

  4. The most important thing is the belief in God, a personal relationship with Him and learning to pray about all the important decisions a man will make.Secondly all boys need to learn how to treat and respect girls and women.

  5. Salaam /PEACE!
    Excellent article : Being in Urban & Rural areas , I would add a few! Being from OL SKOOL , having children , & around a lot of youth , I had to CHANGE the “Respect /LISTEN TO your ELDERS ” rule! “Only IF THEY Repsect YOU & your Beliefs/ Fam.- Personal Values/Morals ( That goes for ANY ADULT-Elder)! Watched too many adults / old people, ABUSE/Disrespect/TAKE FROM youth, “JUST BECAUSE ……!” I was raised ,”NOT to Talk Back, etc…….., to an adult “, but had to UNLEARN that ‘Rule’ , if what I gave OUT , was RECIPROCATED with negative response !
    Same with being taught : ” Don’t hit girls”! But depending on circumstance , had to CHANGE ! Now it’s :”SHE starts IT, YOU FINISH IT “! Especially with so many AGGRESSIVE female :homosexuals & gang members !

    It is also SAD, many of us CANNOT Trust/GoTo many of our Religious Leaders & Law Enforcement ,for Sane , Moral advice and/or help-Protection!
    Ya’ll have SAFE & Blessed days! We may NOT ALWAYS agree, but have SAME NEEDS & GOALS!

  6. 19. Use a compass.

    “THANK people who give you gifts ( Even WRITE and MAIL , A ‘Thank You’ note ) , or do a good deed towards you !

    Greet everyone ( In urban areas , acknowledging people you pass by ( Even if just a “Heads Up” nod /Eye contact), who are standing near you !

    Learn the ,” BE OBSERVANT ,BE QUIET GAME “! City/SubUrbs/Rural ! Learned frm my Uncles/Father/Brothers ,& taught my son /other youths :
    Pick a spot ( Stand or Sit ) and OBSERVE what /who crosses your path! What are _____ wearing? What model/make/colour of motor vehicle (s) just went by, etc………?! Sounds , etc…! Inside ( Public building ) or outside !

    23. WHAT GOES ON IN OUR HOME , Stays in our home ! Nosy teachers , Doctors ,etc……., IGNORE , if asked questions about …… .
    I started noticing about 20 (?) years ago, AND MORE often nowadays , kids & adults asked ,”Do your parents/G.parents/you ,OWN WEAPONS?! Do they store food and water , etc……?”

  7. Doug : The ‘ Religious ‘ aspect I thought was a GIVEN! But Thanks for adding IT! That is ABOVE ALL else ! The tricky part is RESPECTING Others ‘ Faiths’, without yours being negated/compromised! I have NEVER seen this addressed in ANY movies or Prepper sites! Even my Favourite mini series ” Jehrico “did not address this

    • Dr. Reynolds, I do agree that we should respect the faith of others. I often have said many Christians are going to be so surprised when they enter Heaven and see that their denomination is not the only one there. However, having said and believing that, I can not respect any faith that is not Bible based. I can respect the person and allow them their beliefs with the Muslim’s being the exception. I can not, nor will I ever except a faith that tells followers to kill all unbelievers.

      Witnessing to others in an attempt to pass the good news of God’s love and His Saving Grace is what we should do. Inter denominational disagreement over Biblical doctrine is not something we should be fighting about.


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