15 questions to answer about when the SHTF/TEOTWAWKI happens

“SHTF” can cover quite a wide range of possibilities but the bottom line is it will be life changing and dangerous. I am referring to a large “event” such as what happened with Katrina. Think “economic collapse” -type event.

Here we go….

  1. Can you provide food and water to your family?
  2. What will you tell friends and neighbors that come knocking on your door when they have “needs”?
  3. When will you make the decision not to go to work?
  4. How many miles of gasoline for your vehicles do you have stored?
  5. How long will your prescriptions last?
  6. Where are your spare glasses and/or contact lenses?
  7. Where will you go #2?
  8. How will you cook and prepare food?
  9. How will you wash up and bath with no running water?
  10. How long will your batteries last having to use flashlights and lanterns every nights?
  11. Can you work together with your neighbors to start security patrols or a 24/7 neighborhood watch?
  12. How will your family members – especially children – remain calm in a very stressful situation?
  13. What if you have to vacate the area?
  14. What if you – the main “prepper” in the house is away on business when it happens?
  15. Can you pull the trigger to defend your home, your supplies, and your family should someone try to take it?




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3 thoughts on “15 questions to answer about when the SHTF/TEOTWAWKI happens”

  1. All great questions and I can’t answer yes to all of them. However, as an addition to #13 I have decided instead of bugging out to some other location I plan to hide if confronted with overwhelming odds. I have constructed, on my property, a hide that is 60° all year round, very well hidden and dry. It is an easy 5 minute run from the house “IF” I can egress the house safely. I wouldn’t want to live there long term but I (we) can remain hidden for days if need be. You don’t need to cache’ much to subsist for a week.

  2. Do you have the tools an know how tool make an outhouse? Do you know where it would be safe to put it so you don’t contaminate your water?

    What will you use for toilet paper when there is no more to be had?

    Do you have a travel method, besides walking and motorized vehicle, that will allow you to cover more ground with a load? Bicycle, horse, wagon.

    The short list can quickly become a very long list to consider.

  3. I have solved most of those issues and the biggest was food and water. We live in a rural area, a close knitted group of neighbors, but one of the questions will nag us all, and that’s the prescription issue. but more than that what happens when medical needs become more than a pain killer or antibiotic? We are lucky to have two ER nurses in our group but still what to do with broken bones and major trauma? Any ideas out there? We have two mechanics, two engineers a couple of science teachers included and we all know our limitations.

    Any thoughts on this?


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