1,100 military Captains being eliminated

The following excerpt comes from Stars and Stripes – a website which provides independent news and information to the military community. The excerpt below comes from an article announcing another reduction in military personnel due to budgetary cuts. Special thanks to Panhandle Rancher for sending me the full article.

The Army drawdown continues this week, when about 1,100 Army captains will receive word that their military careers are about to end. Another 500 majors will get the same news in early July.”

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. John Campbell, who sat down with Stars and Stripes recently to discuss Army end-strength cuts, said the separations aren’t something anyone wanted. Good officers who’ve risked their lives to serve the nation will have to leave, he said.

“They’re in the Army now, and in other times they’d probably continue to stay in the Army,” he said. “But this is not normal times.”

This is not only a sad time in the history of the country as the greatest military force in the world is minimized but it just isn’t smart. The world continues to have threats that our military may need to be called upon to deal with and eliminating vast amounts of knowledge and experience just doesn’t make any sense.

bpc sequester.preview

Let’s hope we get some people in the right places to reverse this descent into mediocrity.


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12 thoughts on “1,100 military Captains being eliminated”

  1. Our current administration’s total absence of historical knowledge, understanding and vision has lead to a rapid abandonment of the military edge we have paid dearly to maintain. At our new and somewhat diminished seat among the other nations of the world, America will now be a kinder, gentler nation. No more bullying others. Less will be expected from us so less will be needed. Our military will be transformed into a “Peace Corps” type outfit, geared towards more humanitarian endeavors. Peace and harmony will spread throughout the world and we will settle into our new and tranquil utopia…

    Or, we will get sucker punched by some country who didn’t buy into all this “hope and change”, or some little group in Fallujah who drew their original plans in sand…. it won’t matter, we will be ill prepared for either. All hell will ensue.

    Course we could decide that the future may not be all sunshine & umbrella drinks and soon put a stop to this draw-down, this retreat…. ya, I think I’ll take the last choice.

  2. Cuts. Yeah right. Our politicians will never cut spending. They just raise it less than they otherwise might have and then call it a cut. The US military is the costliest it’s ever been and costs American taxpayers more than the next ten biggest militaries in the world combined. All to run around the world making new enemies for us at the behest of corrupt politicians.

    Oh that we should be so lucky that they’d actually cut military spending or anything else.

    For those who actually want more of their money taken from then and given to the military, by all means donate however much you want to them. Just keep your hands out of the rest of our pockets.

  3. Under the spending limits of the Bipartisan Budget Act, DoD’s budget is roughly $496 billion this Fiscal Year – or $31 billion below what the President requested. 

    The law also limits DoD spending in Fiscal Year 2015 to $496 billion, which is $45 billion less than was projected in the President’s budget request last year.

    So while DoD welcomes the measure of relief and stability that the [Bipartisan] Budget Act provided, it still forces us to cut more than $75 billion over this two-year period, in addition to the $37 billion cut we took last year and the Budget Control Act’s 10-year reductions of $487 billion.  And sequestration-level cuts remain the law for Fiscal Year 2016 and beyond.  

  4. This entire cut is nothing more than shrinking the budget. It’s the same thing that happened in the Clinton administration. The largest part of the defense budget is soldier pay. They are cutting down the Majors as well. In 2001 we received a briefing from our Infantry branch manager that the years/months to obtain captain was decreasing to 38 months in order to get more captains in the tanks in order to have more officers due to a lack of officers in that rank due to a shortage. Thated to a large number of captains fire the wars. These captains then received their commissions to majors early as well. Since the officer corps hit an all time high with no room to fill command positions the army had to decrease their numbers. As majors we hwy a good salary, but no room to promote. That led to a cut which saves the defence department millions of dollars. It’s just a money game since we are dwindling in the GWOT, the DoD decided to cut officer numbers…it’s the same thing thy happens after any major conflict.

  5. In addition, the 82nd Airborne Division which was founded in August of 1917 is slated to be De-activated in 2015. My son who is currently serving as a Crew Chief for F-15s stated when he arrived at his duty station, there were 20 other Crew Chiefs stationed there. One year prior to his arrival, there were 74 active Crew Chiefs. That is more than a 70% reduction in staff, planes, and pilots. As a Veteran, and someone who pays attention to the current events, this is absolutely alarming to me. As the threats against America increase every single day, our ability to counter those threats are reduced to levels prior to WWII. Remember how unprepared America was then? It makes no sense to people who have pride in America, who want our country and people to be safe, put these actions are being pursued in a devious purpose.

  6. ANYONE that has studied history can see the last time the military was cut this badly it lead to the cluster fuck of the Korean war and how long it took to get back to where it SHOULD have been cutting the military isn’t just foolish its just plain STUPID those that think other wise should be the ones that need to have THERE asses one the lines FIRST

  7. Actually the last downsizing occurred during the Clinton era…that is what led to the stop-loss rule during OIF and OEF. We did not have enough troops and that in turn led to too many officers and now the downsizing to get rid of them.

  8. Chuck, Oops…. is it ok if I call you Chuck? I’ve read so much about you over the last couple of years it’s almost as if we’re old friends. I couldn’t help but notice you put “considerable” emphasis on -the Bipartisan Budget Act- and how your boss, our dear leader’s hands are tide, if not for these restraints he would willingly… even gladly spend more. To the brain-dead masses this might sell well, but to the rest of us this is laughable, and another (among many) examples of your willingness to shovel out your masters outhouse.

    Chuck, Might I ask you a few simple questions? This should be fairly easy for you since you will have time to consider carefully your answers. Nothing like your gaff prone conformation hearings where you stumbled and stuttered (urr, duh) your way to approval. No need to think on your feet here (something you struggle with), feel free to call your superiors for help answering.

    Question #1: As the Secretary of Defense, what is your personal feelings on the 1% yearly pay raises for our men & women in uniform, you know…. the ones who sacrifice so much (to the point of sacrificing there own lives) to serve and protect our way of life? Will this help or hurt our troops morale? Will this help us keep our best and brightest in the services?

    #2: What are your thoughts on the recently released Rand Study that reports that over the last four years there has been a 58% increase in the number of al Qaeda type organizations, (Salafi jihadist organizations). 58% in only four years, and an estimated doubling of the number of people that are involved in these organizations?

    #3: Please share your thoughts on the recent audits, which have revealed that- A) The Army has 40 brigades in it, but only four of them are combat ready. B) The Navy is now routinely cancelling deployments because of a lack of funding. C) The Army has cut back training for 80 percent of its soldiers. All this at a time when threats are rising from China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, the countries of the “Arab Spring”, and a resurgent and rising al-Qaeda.

    #4: Why cancel the A-10, an aircraft with a distinguished history of effectiveness that has no replacement in the works?

    #5: What is the strategic logic behind cutting back from our 12 carrier groups? Considering that due to rotational factors that only 4 carriers are in service at any given time….. whats the PLAN?

    That’s it Chuck, 5 simple questions that you must have already given considerable consideration. I’m all “pins & needles” awaiting your answers….

  9. We can all take solace in knowing while the commies in charge cut back and reduce our military, they Re increasing funding of the d h s, the domestic military force that only answers to Kenyan. I feel safe while they closely monitor and watch the true threats out there, u and me. Sarc off. B afraid people. Prepare for what is to ultimately follow. Will not be pretty . God bless all

  10. This is a DELIBERATE MOVE TO DEFLATE OUR MILITARY, LOWER MORALE as part of the Marxist Moslem Homo’s plan to destroy this country. We have money to feed the THOUSANDS OF DISEASE INFECTED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, don’t we? We had plenty of cash to GIVE TO BARRY’S MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRIENDS, NO? There were BILLIONS AVAILABLE FOR CORPORATION BAILOUTS! True, America made the same mistake of massive force reductions after every conflict. However, this is the first time that OUR LEADERS PURPOSELY SOLD US OUT TO OUR ENEMIES!


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