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"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

- Ronald Reagan


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YouTube Video: Boeing’s Advanced EMP Missile

Thanks to SouthernBellePrepper for alerting me of this video.

Boeing has completed another successful test for technology that fries enemy electronics with little to no collateral damage to other objects.

Gets you thinking……

 – Rourke


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6 comments to YouTube Video: Boeing’s Advanced EMP Missile

  • Bev

    Thanks for the post Southernbelleprepper! Imagine what another country could do just targeting our power grid centers. Very scary!

  • Scott

    Whenever I hear about EMP I’m reminded of the novel “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. It’s what made me decide having some survival skills and supplies on hand wasn’t such a bad idea.

  • Thanks. The fact that we can have access to so much inf. so rapidly can be overwhelming .However it keeps us alert and prepared. Schopenhauer a German philosopher once said “we raise the dust and then complain we cannot see”. Balance in every aspect of our lives is good .
    you all have a very Blessed Advent, Happy Chanukah, Wondrous Solstice, and Meaningful Christmas !!Arlene


  • I don’t think this was developed just now, they’ve probably had it. Right now the mid east is about to ignite and I’m sure Israel will want to use this weapon against their enemies. All at the US taxpayers exense…

  • D.

    This article is as disturbing as the use of domestic drones. I am not reading this as an export weapon, but as domestic consumption to engineer a distractive crisis here at home. We have a regime that will stop at nothing to reach its goals. Really wish it didn’t exist, as devastating as a nuke. D.