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Top 5 Antibiotics After TSHTF

Here is a good video on antibiotics after TSHTF – from ThePatriotNurse.

Take care all –


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4 comments to Top 5 Antibiotics After TSHTF

  • Excellent video Rourke,
    I have some advanced first aid training and this is stuff that I did not know. So glad that you posted this. I think that this is going to be the biggest thing post SHTF. I know that you can order some of this stuff from Canada on certain sites. I have a nurse friend that said that you want to get the Canadian stuff and not the stuff from Mexico. Canada has regulations on what doses you can get and how much medicine are in each pill the Mexican stuff does not have the same regulations. Great stuff! Keep it coming.

  • Several retail stores carry first aid supplies such as Tractor Supply Hardware and your local feed store. That way you can buy what you need, pay cash, and not have a paper trail. For some items you will need to purchase on line. I’d buy from a vet supply if they are american made products rather than from a foreign supplier.

  • GypsySixx

    I have gotten a ton of imformation from Patriot Nurse s video s. She has been saved in my favorites for about 6 months now .It is also great to get a womens point of view on prepping that the wife can relate to better. Great Post . GypsySixx

  • Allen

    Thanks for that link, one of your best info links to date.