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Top 10 Survival Items for a Survival Kit

This is a popular topic among survival & preparedness forums all over the ‘net. The list of items and different ways of ranking them are probably endless. There are a huge variety of factors that could go into deciding on what to include in a survival kit -including but not limited to weather, geographical region, hostile terrain or not, length of “event”, etc. Figured I would post my list here.

survival kit, bug out bag, preparedness, emergency, disaster, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI

1. fire starting kit
2. LED flashlight/batteries
3. 550 para-cord
4. multi-tool
5. weapon (insert choice here)
6. food pack (MRE’s, freeze dried, energy bars)
7. water filter (Berkey Sport Bottle)
8. tent or a tarp
9. sleeping bag
10. Picture of loved ones

Luckily we are not limited to only 10 items as there are a few obvious ones that I left out.

How about you?


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12 comments to Top 10 Survival Items for a Survival Kit

  • Mine is a little bit diffrent but not much.
    1.Fire starting kit
    3.550 cord
    4. Knife
    5. food
    6. tarp
    7. sleeping bag
    8. folding saw
    9. first aid kit
    10.change of socks

  • Rourke

    Badvoodoodaddy –

    Oh yeah – those socks are important. Keepthem feet dry!


  • Riddle

    I used to do this too, but then it occcured to me that a more valid limitation than the number of items is the weight of the items. Or maybe, a bag of 20 pounds if you’re moving fast, with an optional additional bag of whatever you think you can carry.

  • Rourke

    Riddle –

    Good thinking abot the weight.

    That might be another post.


  • phill55

    Here’s a good recipe for making hardtack:

    This stuff lasts forever!

  • bill greene

    the picture can go in your wallet or pocket. that leaves room for a basic first aid kit.

  • sdawgarmy

    Well my two cents SHTF and ur at home probobly buggin in n if u have to leave ur probobly packin everything you can n want for survival(even if ur rushed I can pack my tahoe full of preps damn quick!) Elsehwhere only items u mostly likely will have is ur EDC. Even a get home bag in worst case scenario in a panic ur prob not getting to. I dont see most people carrying a back pack with them 100% of the time. Just not plausable if im picking up my kids from school cant carry my glock n GHB on school property ya know. Its why I think EDC items are very important. Once your home your stockpile hopefully is ready n you can go through, Cant make it home your kinda screwed except for your vehicle items maybe. In a perfect world we’d all have preps at our BOL but for me(and most) not really plausible. So to make it home or to my vehicle I carry.
    1. Knife
    2. paracord
    3. lighter
    4. sm flashlight
    5. wallet w/cash n bandaids
    6. always dressed per elements

    Id draw alot of attention otherwise walking around with any bag in the grocery store, mall, school etc. just my thoughts.

  • CM

    If you are home, and are forced to evacuate, you should still have the best bug-out-bag you can have. You may have to abandon your vehicle.

    That being said, recently I was in Japan, and packing light as I usually do, my wife said to bring my laptop, camera and some other items. My choice to use was an old leather pack from 20 years ago that I had bought on a whim. (There is a lesson learned – coming right up)

    Well, just in the time from Narita airport, to our place north of Tokyo, the 15 pounds of stuff in that pack was really cutting into my shoulders and wearing on me. The straps, though padded very well, were just placed poorly and after an hour of subways, walking, climbing up and down stairs, etc. I was ready to throw it out and just carry its contents.

    So, no matter what you get, use it for a few days, just to see if you could live with it on a long-term basis. I have other packs, and have found that NONE are what I want to be carrying around with 40 or 50 lbs in them for very long. The search for a ‘GREAT’ pack is on. With any luck I won’t need it, but I will have it just the same.

  • Rourke


    Good point. I have a troublesome back and a about 2 months ago I grabbed one of my packs – and took a jaunt around my neighborhood. Just wanted to test carrying the pack AND my back. I hike once in a while – but ususally with little supplies as the area is very populated.

    Thanks – Rourke

  • 1. Fire starting kit
    2. LED Light & batteries
    3. 20′ 550 cord
    4. Multi Tool Knife
    5. Fast Food Granola type Bars
    6. 8’x10′ Tarp or Military Poncho with Liner
    7. 32oz Water
    8. Commando Saw
    9. First Aid Kit
    10. Water Filter items

  • MCarter

    In addition to my fire starting kit, ie. mag block, I added a back up…I had an old Zippo lighter that I didnt use any more so I put about 5 extra flints in the bottom with the cotton batting, No need to add fluid as it will evap over time. Now you have in one small case, flint striker and tinder (the cotton inside). One flint will last for a long time, but I have always put extras in just in case. Hope this helps everyone.