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Warm up those keyboards folks! The next ModernSurvivalOnline Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest will start March 15th and continue through May 15th. Have a guest post you want to enter? Send in to emergencycd(at)

Some great prizes are lined up –  this is looking to be the biggest ever!! 


Prize List

First Place will receive:

Total Prize Value in excess of $1000.00+!! Awesome.


Second Place will receive:

Total Prize Value in access of $670.00+!!   Cool!!


Third Place will receive:

Total Prize Value in access of $475.00!!

Fourth Place:

Total Prize Value in access of $120.00!!

Fifth Place:

Total Prize Value in access of $100.00!!


Here are the submission details.

If you have some skill-set, some particular knowledge that could prove beneficial to other readers in a homestead or survival situation – I would love to here from you.


  • You can write about pretty much any topic you would like – as long as it can benefit ModernSurvivalOnline readers in some way.
  • Submissions should be at least 750 words in length (unless descriptive and instructional pictures are included).
  • I must state the obvious: All submissions must be your original work and not published on any other site.
  • Once a submission is published on ModernSurvivalOnline – it becomes the copyrighted property of
  • Submissions may be edited for spelling and grammar.
  • Long submissions may be divided up into multiple parts per Editors discretion.
  • No profanity or racism.
  • Rourke, as the owner of ModernSurvivalOnline, reserves the right to approve or deny any submitted material for any reason.


  • Submissions can be written in the following formats: MS-Word, Notepad, Wordpad, TXT, and RTF formats.
  • Photo’s can be included in the submitted article – but must also be sent separately attached to an email(unless MS Word is used).
  • Multiple submissions accepted.
  • Submissions should be emailed to emergencycd(at) – please place GUEST POST in the subject line.

Once an article is submitted and approved I will email you to let you know when it is scheduled to go live. Also – if you have another blog or site I will gladly provide a link at the end of your guest post to that site.


***********Any submissions not able to be scheduled during any one contest will be held over for the next one.


14 thoughts on “Guest Post Writing Contest”

  1. If one doesn’t have the funds to buy a bunch of desired guns for when the SHTF yet already owns some guns, is it feasible to at least buy popular firearms magazines just in case one has the means, or opportunity to find or borrow those arms when TEOTWAWKI happens? Rather than only having pistol magazines for only my pistols or my Enfield rifle; is it wise to buy a cache of glock and AR mags even though I don’t own any of those arms??

  2. Jamie –

    I would think those funds into ammunition/parts/magazines for the weapons that you do have would be better. Even take that money and put into more preps. It is unlikely that you will just stumble across a Glock, 1911 or AR. Right now in this political climate though – any of these mags are a good investment.

    Take care – Rourke

  3. Hey Rourke, It would be nice to know what monthly articles took home the swag. Also how are the winners determined, word count, audacity, family connections ;) I do not see any place on the site that contains this info. Regards D. PS can you tell I’m bored tonight?

  4. I determine the winners based on my own feelings, reactions from readers, comments made, education to the reader, etc.

    Posts must be 500 words or more.

    Winners to be announced shortly.


  5. Rourke, When are you announcing the winners? Looking forward to seeing who wins. You have a lot of work on deciding the winner. lol There are a lot of good post.

  6. My Prior query on winners was directed at past winning articles. I was looking to find a route to the best of the best.

  7. D. –

    Good question. I do not have a method for telling you where all the winning articles are. Something to work on though – good idea.

    Thanks – Rourke

  8. Hello John,

    Hope I could win the prizes. I am your fan, right? in submitting articles. lol. But I really like John, he is a good man to ask. Thanks for publishing my articles John and hope I could win on this contest! :)

  9. Growing in the country was hard at times. We raised hogs and chickens.
    Also had a garden. It seemed that life was hard, but the knownledge
    sure comes in handy these days. We used woodstoves and had a
    waterwell to help. You learn how to use what you have. We didn’t have
    Cell Phones or computers, but we survived. And people today can do the
    same if they want to survive the hard times ahead.

  10. Hi, this is Robert I would like to guest post on your blog if you are still open to that idea.

    The article would meet all your quality guidelines. Please allow me to send it for review or guide me how to proceed.

    Awaiting your response,
    Robert james

  11. Wake up women who still believe there are no shortages

    “Lie long enough and they will accept it as truth,” this was the statement of one of Hitler’s initial staff. It can be said today right here in America. Did you know the “Rebel” flag is an example. Accepted as the ‘flag of Dixie’, it was not the official flag of the southern confederacy but rather of a northern Virginia regiment. How many of us didn’t know this fact? Obviously not even some school leaders know their flag history!
    “Food shortages are a figment of the extremists”. If this were a true statement why, is the U.S. Government, corporation leaders, and others of the elite in society, stock piling food? Putting up food for leaner times has been recommended since before recorded history. It is refered to in Biblical writings and the ancient Egyptians store-housed grains. In the years since affordable cold storage, Americans are fooled into believing their favorite foods are readily available year-round. However, embargo’s, war, drought,or pests/plant diseases in other countries could quickly deplete supplies filtering down to your neighborhood grocery. In the last two years drought here in America has greatly depleted grains, veggies, and beef supplies and most are now imported with China a large supplier.
    Post 1960’s American women were entering colleges, the work force in larger numbers than seen in World War II. With this and changes in the American economy, many women did not adopt the ‘put up for the lean times’ attitude of their mother’s. Thus, the ‘buy it as I need it’ mindset began.
    I do not rely on one source for news and I hope you do the same. In the end, we as individuals must research before we blindly believe what others are saving.
    I have seen gas, water, and other “now” essentials in shortages world-wide.
    We are still the best country that I have ever seen. But, I strongly believe we need to begin learning the ways of our mother’s and grandmother’s and put up foods beyond stocking the family freezer. Be the care takers of your family, skip the fast foods and cook in bulk for multiple meals, can or dehydrate seasonal foods and meats. You might be ‘well off’ today but, how long can you hold out without a paycheck. ~~~And don’t even get me started on relying on the government to give you money….

  12. I’m not sure if this is the right place. I’ve tried to get to the guest post section but have’nt beeb able to. So here goes. I am a U A Army Veteran; inthe miltary I was a Medic. I’mout now and older, which means I take prescription medications. I got to thinking “What would I do if I could no longer get my meds.” Definatly a scary thought. But there is a solution. Herbal remidies. These were around long before pharmacy companies and many of todays meds are based on herbal remidies. Now is a good time to check out alternative medicines just to be on the safe side. You can find Alternative medicine doctors or herbalists in your phone book. Please be careful and check their creditials; most are the real deal but as in all things there are some quacks who are only in it for the money.

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