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The Complete Survivalist Magazine – Issue #1

I received the first issue of the new magazine – The Complete Survivalist.

I am pretty impressed. Lots of good and relevant information for the first issue. When I first picked it up it felt a little thin. Flipping through the magazine pages were glossy and color was good. I sat down to read through the articles and that is where I was most impressed – there is some good information in there.

My favorite article was focused on antibiotics. Very informative on a subject that is very important in any long-term SHTF scenario. Fish antibiotics are discussed and sourcing them.

There is also a good book review on American Apocalypse which I now plan on purchasing.

Next was a great article discussing the value of “currency in a post-collapse world”. Much like me – the author feels that gold and silver has limited if any value in survival preps for such an event. The focus should being tangibles.

Preparedness guru James T.Stevens provides a great article that I summarize as discussing the philosophy of preparedness. He covers self-reliance, self-sufficiency, preparedness,  and the differences between them. Good article.

I am looking forward to more issues coming out – well worth the subscription price.

For more info – click here.


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3 comments to The Complete Survivalist Magazine – Issue #1

  • Crimson Wolf

    On buying American Apocalypse. Someone did a review at a site I go to. He like the first one pretty well. He said this:

    “I was initially enamored with the economic collapse part of the first book. I overlooked the poorly written story, bad grammar, and spelling errors. By the second book it is clear that the author is a Leftist who gets all his information from the Left Wing Blog, Calculated Risk, that features prominent Left thinkers like Paul Krugman. The characters get their military tactics from online shoot em up video games like “Halo” whatever that is.

    The main character evolves into a serial killer that kills scores of “rednecks,” “peckerwoods,” policemen, US military soldiers, and Homeland Security guys. The character takes particular relish in gouging out the eyes of wounded US servicemen, and shooting overweight white women.”

    Maybe you should get it through your library before spending money on what could be waste.

  • desertrat

    American Survivalist, and [then] competition, along with subsequent endeavors revived? Some were quite well written and good until ‘liability’ became an issue.

  • 2011 and beyond is your time to become self-reliant.

    With the end of 2010, our introspection turns to thoughts of self-improvement, questioning and planning for what lies ahead. I believe this time in history promises to bring forth more changes than any other similar duration of time known to our civilization. The foundations of our economies, governments and belief systems will be altered and after considerable turmoil, we will see a maturing of mankind. Fundamental, systemic concerns for why undertaking this life change will not be a fly-by-night fad, but rather a long-lasting means for personal independence. I will be listing the top ten reasons to Become Self-Sufficient NOW rather than late. Over the course of the next 10 weeks, you will learn what you can do to become SELF-Sufficient. It is time to make a plan and take action.

    Reason Number One:

    Hedging against inflation – Have you noticed the price of food and goods lately? People might have a choice whether or not to buy gold, silver or stocks, but people have to eat. The current increases in basic goods will not ease anytime soon. It is time to make a plan and take action.

    What can you do? What are others doing?

    I believe more people will learn to grow their own food. We will see an explosion in the number of people growing their own food due to disruptions in the global food supply, food costs rising/inflation, contamination of our crops and land and the FDA crackdown on small farmers.
    People will realize the importance of having their own source of food. We will see a surge in seed sales, backyard gardens, solar powered ovens, food storage and in-home production methods.
    We will see, downsizing to a more simplistic, back to basics life, as many people will be choosing to move out our mega- cities and seek self-reliance in more rural areas. Action step: Plan for a garden or other food methods. Buy seeds and food storage NOW.
    For more about product and food news, go to