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Review and Giveaway: The Lifestraw

I have numerous methods of making water safe for drinking. One that I had always heard of but had never tried until recently was the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw is an ultra-portable water filter that you use just like a straw. Place the straw in the suspect water – and as you suck it through the unit the water is filtered.


The LifeStraw has been used all of the world by those desperate for life sustaining water – but no clean water source available. The LifeStraw was designed to be used under the most extreme conditions and purify water which

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Free Shipping on LifeStraw Water Filters from Camping Survival

Just a quick note to let you know of a special promotion that CampingSurvival.com is having.

Selling at the lowest possible price allowed by the manufacturer($19.95) – CampingSurvival.com is also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the excellent LifeStraw Water Filter.

Check it out.

- Rourke

YouTube Video and a few thoughts on water…….

“Water, water everywhere - not a drop to drink.”

That is a famous saying and when it comes to preparedness, water is certainly on the top 5 list for most of us when it comes to our preps. The thing is – I think most of us tend to “underplan” our water contingencies. We will go out and spend literally thousands of dollars on firearms, magazines, scopes, red dots, and ammunition - and then go buy a few cases of water along with a backpacking water filter.

Why do many of us do this? Lets lay the cards out on the table and admit

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Important Announcement: Berkey Systems now being sold in California

From ModernSurvivalOnline Sponsor Directive21.com -  



New Millennium Concepts has reevaluated their position on Berkey® Products shipped to CA and have made a Decision:

Sales of the following systems are now available to customers in the state of California:

Berkey Light™ 2 filter systems (With or without LED lights) Travel Berkey® Go Berkey Kit® Sport Berkey® Black Berkey Elements PF2 Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Elements SuperSterasyl™ Elements PF4 Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Elements Replacement parts

Here’s an excerpt of the communication we received from New Millennium Concepts, releasing the products mentioned above:

As you

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The Panhandle Rancher speaks……..



For all who use portable water filtration whether from Katadyn or Aquamira, a coffee filter around the intake will greatly extend internal filter life. Extended water filter life is paramount in any survival situation. All of my portable filtration is stored with multiple coffee filters. Water filtration is not necessary everywhere but given our population density, is always a ‘best practice’.


The following excerpt is from the excellent 13,000 gallon Katadyn pocket filter (http://shop.katadyn.com/product/153548/8013618/_/Katadyn_Pocket) manual (my favorite filter):


“Ceramic capacity depends on water quality. The dirtier the water the more often you will have to clean the element. This reduces

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Equipment Review: AQUAMIRA Frontier Water Filter Straw

I have several methods for making suspect water safe at home as well as while traveling. One of the most inexpensive methods incorporated in my system is the Aquamira water filter straw. I received this water filter from SurvivalGearBags.com who carry the Aquamira as well as many other survival and preparedness supplies.


Why the Frontier? Like I said – it is inexpensive and allows me to stretch my dollar further. Small, compact and extremely lightweight – it works great in a small Get Home Bag or a larger Bug Out Bag.

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Guest Post: How much water is enough?

by Tom Sciacca

If you like food as much as I do, it’s hard to imagine that our body can actually go weeks without food. It wouldn’t be fun, of course, but it can be done. But without water, our bodies can get into serious trouble quickly – just a matter of days before dehydration can set in. So why is it that many people keep lots of extra food stored in their houses, but neglect to store any water?


This subject came to mind recently when my cousin told me about having to endure a power

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