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MSO participates in “expert roundup”……..


I recently participated in an “Expert Roundup” of sorts over at Check it out HERE. As part of the roundup I answered the following question:

“What was the single most useful tool you’ve ever used while outdoors?”

The single most useful tool I have ever used was a knife.

To be more specific – it was a Gerber BMF (Basic Multi-Function). See attached picture.


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Preparedness Gear Review : Benchmade Nimravus Tanto Knife

Gear Review: Benchmade Nimravus

by MSOnline Editor-at-Large Jesse James

Growing up, knives were a part of life. I was given a little red Swiss Army one for Christmas when I was six or seven. Since then I have carried a knife on me everywhere it is legal to do so. A knife is perhaps the most primitive tool invented by man, and has an untold number of uses. It is

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Timber Rattler Jungle Fury Bowie knife……surprising results


I purchased the Timber Rattler Fury Bowie knife after the purchase of such a knife was suggested to me by a reliable source. Purchased through Kennesaw Cutlery located in Georgia – it was only $9.99.

With that said – let me go ahead and say it – I know, I know – it is a cheap knife made in a foreign country. It is not a Buck, a Gerber, a Cold Steel nor a Reeves.

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Couple additions to the stockpile……


Lawrence over at SurvivingTheDayAfter (yahoo group) has been on me about trying out some bowie knives from Kennesaw Cutlery. I decided to go ahead and purchase the Timber Rattler Jungle Fury you see in the pictures below.

My initial impressions of the knife are positive. Overall quality seems very good and blade is very sharp. Over the coming weeks I will put the Timber Rattler through its paces

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Buck Hoodlum knife on sale at Amazon


As I type this Monday night Amazon has the Buck Hoodlum knife on sale for about $126.00 – which is a great price. This could change in a heart beat – and often does. Anything under $150 is very good.

Check it out HERE.


Remembering some cool knives……


When my interest first peaked in “survival” I was around 14 years old. This was in the mid-80’s between the release of the movies First Blood and Red Dawn. Survival knives began to gain popularity and there are several models I remember fondly.

Now – I am not suggesting all of these were actually very useful – just pretty cool.

Lets reminisce a bit…….

Rambo: First Blood – With a 9″ blade and images of

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Remington F.A.S.T. Knife Durability Test

A while back I reviewed a Remington Sportsman Series F.A.S.T. knife and….well….received some criticism for it.

What was this criticism? Primarily its manufacturing origin of China as well as the belief that you get what you pay for. This knife is less than $20.00 and some readers posted their opinion that it will not hold up in a survival situation. They may be right. They might

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