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Re: Spring is here – almost time to till my garden

In response to my mentioning getting ready to till up my garden  I received the following. Figured it was worth sharing:


Hi John

I would like to share the MANTIS Tiller with you and everyone.

We have had the MANTIS for several years now and it is so easy and does what they say it will.  This MANTIS is a small lightweight tiller that goes through about anything.  We have used to till our garden – lay some pipelines and dig some trenches. This tiller is a eating machine – even goes through plywood (that shows in their video).

The only

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The $2 garden

This post originally appeared over at Country Side Magazine – it can be seen in its original form HERE.

Good stuff!



 The $2 garden

By Kat Reiff


I spent 14 wonderful years as a low-income single mother. A tiny townhouse apartment with a micro back patio and an equally micro front garden was our home all 14 of those years. Yes, we lived in poverty and riches at the same time. Our income wasn’t more than lower middle income at best. I have been disabled since I was 21. But riches are not

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Fall garden planted…..with old seed

I have found gardening to be a continuous learning process. Fall/Winter gardening is something I have little experience with and decided to do a little this Fall. 



In one raised bed I planted lettuce (Red Seeded Simpson), broccoli, carrots, and radish.



In a small portion of my main garden I planted peas, broccoli, and more lettuce (Romaine).


Now – I am not just planting some food for growing a Fall garden – I have conducted an experiment.  All of the seeds except for the Red Seeded Simpson lettuce have

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The garden continues to produce……


I started my gardening this year in early April.


Back then I started cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash from seed along with a few other things. Here in South Carolina some crops can be planted twice to get two rounds of growing. Just this past weekend I had to pull up a few cucumber and squash plants that had produced everything they could. I replanted both cucumbers and summer squash.


In past years I have done this same thing with limited success. Generally I am able to get the plants to grow however produce production was

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Survival Gardening: Squash and Zucchinni


Spring is fast approaching and many will start gardens for the very first time. Wanna have guaranteed (well…..almost) success? Over the years I have found it incredibly easy to grow both zucchini and crookneck summer squash. I have grown these in containers, raised beds, as well as in the ground.

Provided there is decent soil, water and sunlight – throw the seeds in the ground and in several weeks there will be zucchini and squash on the grill or in the frying pan.

These are some massive zucchini's!

A few more thoughts:

I have had

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Survival Resource: Jason Aker’s awesome websites

fskp (1)

I have been a fan of Jason Aker’s websites, articles and podcast for quite some time. If you are not familiar with him, well…..you should be.

Many months ago I came across his great resources while searching for information on gardening. As an avid gardener for the past 8 years I have had my share of troubles and often look to the internet for solutions. Anyways, Jason provides some excellent information on not just gardening, but on hunting, foraging and raising livestock as well. He delivers this information via two separate websites and corresponding podcasts – The Self-Sufficient Gardener and Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat.


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Quick garden update


Every year I battle grass and weeds in my main garden. Every year I lose.

This year after my spring/summer crops went by – I decided to try something different to eliminate or reduce the unwanted vegetation. I covered my entire garden with thick black plastic. The idea here is to block the sun from reaching the soil for several months – and everything underneath should die off – and not return.

Should work.

My only concern is with seeds. Any seeds dropped by the weeds may still germinate next year. Regardless – the quantity and severity

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Video of the Week: Backyard Food Production Trailer

If you are not familiar with the DVD Backyard Food Production – it is fantastic in my opinion. I have watched it a couple of times – figured I would pass this trailer on to everyone.

For more info – click HERE.



The Self-Sufficient Gardener Garden Club


I was excited to find out recently that Jason over at The Self-Sufficient Gardener has made some changes to his website – and is now offering a rather unique membership opportunity. This Garden Club Membership in very inexpensive and has a lot of great content. Check out the info below. Another huge benefit…well, just kidding….is every sale of the membership provides some loose change to this website.

Check ‘em out.


What do you get out of the Garden Club Membership?

1.  Access to premium content videos. These videos will show you how to do things cheaply and efficiently.  Videos include: 

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Welcome to the jungle…..my garden jungle!


Picture from the back-side of my garden couple days ago.

If you are a frequent reader then you know I love gardening. My interest in preparedness motivated me 8 years ago to start my first garden.

That first garden did well. At about half the size of my current one and not really having a clue what I was doing – I was swimming in cucumbers and summer squash with little problem. My soil back then was mostly red clay initially so I had a truckload of dirt brought in. Ever since –

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Growing corn in containers?

It lives!!!!!!

I love gardening.

Sitting down at the supper table with a plate of food that I grew myself is an experience like no other. Beyond that – having the skill and confidence to be able to grow your own food if needed……..priceless.


Container and soil ready to go.


One of the crops that I have just recently started growing is corn. Last year I had a small but great looking row of corn going – until they were mercilessly attack by a savage pack of wild squirrels. This year I have a couple of rows going and so far

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Awesome Seed Bank deal from The Berkey Guy!!


Hello all -

The Berkey Guy just contacted me about a deal I just have to tell you about.

From now  until Friday(May 6th) – every person that purchases an Emergency Seed Bank will also receive a new product – the Herb Seed Bank.  This is an awesome deal as the Herb Seed Bank is a $99 value.

I am a HUGE believer in gardening now for healthy fruits and vegetables as well as learning an essential survival skill for future use in bad times. For those not familiar with Emergency Seed Banks they are an awesome way to store seeds

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Guest Post: Why You Need To Garden Now


by J.Burk

It’s easy to find excuses not to garden: I’m too busy, I don’t want to ruin the lawn, I don’t have enough space, I’ll start when I move to the country. There might even be a few who bought a container of heirloom seeds, tossed it into the freezer and checked gardening off their to-do list.


The main fallacy in all these excuses is that you need all the experience you can get in growing your own food now, before your life depends on it. Of course, there are also many benefits

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Simple Growing: Zucchini’s


For those that have never gardened - getting started can be a daunting task.

Getting going in gardening can be accomplished many ways such as using raised beds, containers – and of course in-ground. I highly recommend to get into gardening ASAP if you are not already. It is a skill that is developed over time and much sweat and practice.

If you are just starting off I have one plant – one crop – that I highly recommend trying. This is a vegetable that I have found to be tremendously easy to grow and provides high yields in a small amount of space. Even in mediocre soil – as long as water is

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Creating a raised bed garden

All 4 sides connected.

 I recently made a second raised bed garden to add to my fruit and vegetable growing capabilities. Living in a typical suburban neighborhood my space is limited. In this particular case I built this raised bed for blueberry and blackberry plants.

To get this project done – I assembled all needed components in one area to begin construction. This raised bed is to measure 4′ foot wide by 8′ foot long and will sit 10″ inches high. I went to my local lumber yard and bought  2″ x 10″ x 8′ non-treated boards – three of them. Two of them

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Growing potatoes in buckets

bucket potatoes, survival, gardening, TSHTF, preparedness, food storage

Alright guys….this is a post I wrote last Fall for another blog but they never published it. Wanna grow some potatoes? It is amazingly easy. Check it out…….

Over the past few years I have tried growing potatoes. Not wanting to use precious garden space for experimenting with potato’s – I tried growing them in containers. I found it surprisingly easy. In the Spring of 2010 I planted 27 buckets and had great success. Potatoes are generally started in cooler weather. For those that have never tried bucket potatoes – this is for you.

To grow your own potatoes in

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Welcome “Backyard Food Productions”


Hello all -

I am very happy to announce that ModernSurvivalOnline is now an affiliate for Backyard Food Productions. Several weeks ago I was contacted by them and asked if I wanted to receive a copy of their educational DVD for review and giveaway. Of course I said “YES!” and have received the DVD.

I  have now  watched it a couple of times and am just so impressed. Being someone who did not grow up on a farm – I found this DVD to be tremendously educational. I will be doing a full review on the DVD soon.


Continue reading Welcome “Backyard Food Productions”

Free online garden planner & resource


I recently came across a great free online garden planner where you can create a garden of up to 12 feet x 4 feet, add your crops – and print it out. Great for smaller raised beds.

The website also has many educational resources such as Getting Started, When to Plant, Container Gardens, Compost and Fertilizer, as well as numerous guides on individual fruits and vegetables.

Worth checking out.


4 Best Methods for Off-the-Grid Food Production from Activist Post

I saw this article over at Activist Post – thought you might be interested.

- – Rourke

Original article appears here: 4 Best Methods for Off-the-Grid Food Production

For most of us producing all of our own food is just a fantasy. It evokes visions of multiple acres of fertile land, long work days, and expensive machinery. However, none of these are necessary to achieve self-sufficient food production.

There are many gardening techniques that can produce an abundance of food for you and your family without requiring a lot of space, money or equipment. What each of these methods will

Continue reading 4 Best Methods for Off-the-Grid Food Production from Activist Post

Great information resource: Mother Earth News website


I have a new resource of information that I have been spending more and more time on – the website for Mother Earth News magazine.

MotherEarthNews.com is packed with great information ranging from Gardening to Modern Homesteading. Articles are abundant and there are also many videos as well.

I know many of my readers do not like the political stance that the magazine obviously takes – however I would not let that get in the way of the information they provide.

Here are a few articles with links that caught my eye:

Simple Outhouse

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Review – Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

homesteading, homestread, farming, garden, survival, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI, WROL, economic collapse,

For Christmas my brother bought me the book – Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre. He knows my passion for gardening as well as a desire to learn everything “homesteading” that I can. I live in a typical suburban community – so I am maximizing my property within confines of the Rules and Regulations of the community Homeowners Association.

I have been gardening for 7 years and every year has been filled with successes and failures. Also, every year that has gone by my successes have increased while my failures have decreased. I am learning.

Continue reading Review – Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

Compost Gardening – Book Review

I love gardening and feel it is a very valuable tool for any long term survival situation. It is also a fantastic way to save money – and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Soil quality is so important to gardening. Plants suck the nutrients out of the soil as they grow and need to be replenished. One method of replenishing nutrients into the soil is by composting.

Composting is very easy and requires just a little work. It also can be done year round.

Always wanting to learn more about gardening – I

Continue reading Compost Gardening – Book Review

Food Production Systems DVD Course Giveaway

Hello all -

Over at Preparing Your Family they are having a pretty cool giveaway.

They are giving away a DVD course from Rooster Crows Productions called ‘Food Production Systems For a Backyard or Small Farm‘. From reading the review – this sounds like a very thorough and complete course related to gardening and food production. As you can imagine – this is something that I am interested in and many of you might be as well.

If you are interested in entering the contest just click HERE and at the bottom of the post the rules

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Welcome Directive21′s Emergency Seed Bank!!!

Directive21.com(The Berkey Guy) has decided to provide additional sponsorship to ModernSurvivalonline. The Berkey Guy has recently started carrying Emergency Seed Bank’s.

Thank you!!!

For those that might wonder – “What in the world is an Emergency Seed Bank?” – I will tell you.

An Emergency Seed Bank  is a stash of seeds that can be stored long-term for use when needed – whether it be due to some TSHTF scenario – or you want to plant a garden. The seeds are packaged in a re-sealable triple layer, foil lined, airtight bag with a tamper seal, so the seeds stay alive

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