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Review: Midland ER102 Multi-band radio


I recently posted about 5 radio’s for emergency preparedness. I own several of those radio’s including the Midland ER102. The Midland ER102 Emergency Radio has a lot of bang for the buck and Midland has long been a big name in communications for years.

On with the review –

First – a quick summary of the specs:

Emergency radio with all 7 NOAA weather channels and an alert override

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got Baofeng?


HAM radio is one of those mysterious phenomenon that most people ignore because they just don’t understand it. I totally identify with that as I was in that same boat for years. Reality smacked me in the face when my efforts with line-of-sight communications just failed to fulfill my requirements. I am still learning and would barely consider myself knowledgeable. What I do know is I am able to communicate with most every member of

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My efforts to build a homemade HAM repeater


Alright – here is what I have been trying to do. If reading through this you get confused – well, now you know how I feel.

The video below describes exactly what I have done to my four Baofeng UV-5R 2 meter Ham radio’s. I have followed the instructions exactly but to no avail it is not working. The entire purpose of my efforts is to create one or two back up repeaters as a

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Prepper Product of the Week: BaoFeng UV-5R Dual-Band Ham Two Way Radio

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Communication is one of the most overlooked area’s in most preparedness systems. HAM radio can be confusing and expensive. As I have just recently started getting into HAM – I wish I had seen this radio before buying my own equipment. This 2 Meter handheld is an incredible value and good to learn on.

Remember –

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Handheld CB and memories of the past………..


In 1994 my then future wife and I was driving from New Hampshire down to South Carolina in November. There were no cell phones so I took along a portable CB radio which plugged in the cigarette lighter adapter in my car and had an antenna which magnetically mounted to the roof. Somewhere between New York and Pennsylvania the elevation increased and the highway became a sheet of ice. It seemed to happen instantly

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This weeks assignment: Radio


Got radio?

I hope so. Though many disasters knock out normal communication methods such as cell phones, TV, and Internet – radio often continues on as a reliable source of information.

If you do not have a battery powered radio with extra batteries – get one. Stores like Big Lots often carry radios for as little as $5 – $10.

Amazon also carries a large variety of radios – here are a

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Guest Post: Communications Options For a Natural or Man-Made Disaster


By BadVooDooDaddy


There are many options for your communications needs in a disaster. Having some kind of communications network set up before a disaster strikes is very important. Depending on what type of focus you want to take for those communication needs will determine what type of equipment you will need to acquire. First We will talk about the types of communications equipment and there strength’s and weaknesses.


Walkie Talkies: There are

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