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Condition Factor Monitoring

Dr. Allen shares his thoughts…………


The following comes from a comment posted by Dr. Allen in response to a recent post – Survivalist First Aid Kits: What Do I Need? I appreciate Dr. Allen’s willingness to share his thoughts and expertise. – Rourke


The postings for a “first aid kit” have been of interest with some of them of concern.


Only FYI and substantiation: my training/experience has been rather extensive both in years (13 in training and (37) “on site application” years in in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, on site in Mexico missions to the “shack” and “garbage dump” patients; Haitians just after

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Could a SHTF event create a race war?

Racial Discrimination (2)

The stock market has crashed. Grocery stores have closed. Gas stations have run out of fuel. People are growing more and more desperate by the day. Being in such a critical state groups begin to form. There are safety in numbers and people begin to hear of increasing violence. People no longer walk the streets by themselves as they are more likely to fall victim to violent crime.

What role will race play when things go bad?

Look at Hurricane Katrina. There were many accounts of white on black and black on white crimes after the hurricane hit. Of these

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Condition Factor Monitoring Level raised to Level 4


Current CFM Level is “4″ with a total Factor Level of: 



 Although I am not going to get into the specific equation which is used to arrive at the current score of “80″ – the current score reaches that level due to several influencing factors including:

The conflict and apparent aggression by Russia in the Ukraine could cause an economic ripple across Europe and over to the United States. President Obama’s foreign policies have the United States looking very week – thus possibly inviting negative action against it. If sanctions are levied against Russia

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…On Grief and Loss


The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest.


Here’s another little chat on another subject that we all would like to ignore. 

During the Vietnam war I lost close friends including my childhood friend that I joined the Marine Corps with. At that time in my life the rule of the day was “suck it up and move on” there was not time for grief or mourning, so you put it away for later…only later never came. I got pretty good at that. So good that when I went home and years later

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Video: When Will the SHTF?


This is probably one of the most asked and thought about questions by preppers all over as they consider their preps, finances, and plans. When will it all come crashing down? Will it ever? Do we have a year left? 5 years? 10 years? A discussion on this topic could go on for hours……



15 questions to answer about when the SHTF/TEOTWAWKI happens


“SHTF” can cover quite a wide range of possibilities but the bottom line is it will be life changing and dangerous. I am referring to a large “event” such as what happened with Katrina. Think “economic collapse” -type event.

Here we go….

Can you provide food and water to your family? What will you tell friends and neighbors that come knocking on your door when they have “needs”? When will you make the decision not to go to work? How many miles of gasoline for your vehicles do you have stored? How long will your prescriptions last? Where are your

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Preparing & Reacting To Riots

Preparing & Reacting To Riots

by Irish-7, Editor at Large

Considering the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in the high profile case involving the SELF DEFENSE shooting of Trayvon Martin, I thought it would be beneficial to go over some safety precautions and actions in event of potential riots.

   My first piece of advice in preparing for possible civil disturbance or violent attack by a mob applies to more than just riots. In fact, it is vital to almost every survival situation. If it is lawful in your state, GET A CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT! Laws have

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Call to Action: July ’13 – Water

This is the third installment of a monthly series called “Call to Action”. Call to Action (CTA) is a monthly reminder to review one part of your prep’s and strengthen it.

Water is taken for granted in many countries – but especially in the United States. Most all have crystal clear water at the turn of a knob or the twist of a bottle cap. Just imagine if the water stops flowing and the ability to grab a bottle of water ceases. Massive panic would set in and engulf populations quickly. Sanitation would quickly become dangerously poor and the ability to irrigate even a small garden

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Prepping: It’s a Family Affair

Prepping: It’s a Family Affair

by LM


As even the most seasoned prepper will attest to, the hardest part about preparing for when the SHTF is often trying to communicate how important this is to our families. At best, they may not understand. At worst, they may turn away from you completely – even if what you’re doing is in their best interests.

It’s understandable that people may not recognise a danger until it is right underneath their noses. But when it comes to preparing for emergency events, making allowances is not a viable solution. It’s important, therefore, that

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….On Education

….On Education


I’ve been involved in this game for a lot of years and I didn’t get here by accident. I am a big proponent of READING, something our society particularly our young seem to have an aversion to.

Many different writers have guided my philosophy over the years, Both fiction and non-fiction. The fiction writers, such as Jerry Pournelle: Lucifer’s Hammer, Robert Heinlan: Stranger in a strange land, and Frank  Herbert; Dune  series and many other explorations into alternate societies, Ayn Rand; Atlas Shrugged, had an affinity to see the future: what we are looking at today.


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F. J.


Everywhere you look there are references to bartering, and how it will be an asset when shtf.

But why not use bartering now before the shtf to help enable you to get prepared?

Bartering is, by definition a system of exchanging goods and services without the use of currency.

Let’s face it, when the shtf there won’t be many people with any money to get what they need.

In today’s economy, there are far more financially challenged people trying to prepare for the shtf scenario than ones that do have money. The

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Guest Post: The 3 5′s……….


The 3 5′s


We know that in the aftermath of any major event like a hurricane or even some riot brought on by a political differences, society tends to fall apart. Once that happens, we know what comes next. This is what is known as the 3 5s. Check out how this law has played out in real life scenarios.


3-5 Hours Looting Happens

Within three to five hours of an incident, looting starts to happen as people begin to panic. People will do whatever it takes to get the supplies they need to survive or simply

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MSO featured in new website………

ModernSurvivalOnline participated in a questionnaire over at Proper Survival. 20 fellow bloggers provided their favorite preparedness tips.

Check it out following the link below: 


Video of the Week: Prepper Basement Subpart – Medical


Here is this weeks Survival and Preparedness Video:



Video of the Week: The Coming American Civil War


Here is this weeks Survival and Preparedness Video:


YouTube Video: World War 3 : U.S. Steps up Surveillance as North Korea unveils KN-O8 Missile

Never to be dismissed….North Korea continues their threats as well as efforts to develop weapons systems to put its neighbors and the rest of the world at risk.

 - Rourke



Guest Post: Disposal of Human Corpses Part One

Disposal of Human Corpses Part One

 by Harry


The radio next to Brandon’s sleeping bag squawked bringing him instantly awake.  He heard his oldest son, “Dad, Dad, we have visitors, lots of them, and they are armed”.  For several weeks he had observed a number of roving bands scavenging in the neighborhoods at the base of the hill.  Brandon had quietly observed the rising pyres of his neighbors’ homes with the mild satisfaction of having watched every one of them drive away behind the Sheriff to the relocation center.  Apparently, the hoodlums had run out

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Guest Post: You Can’t Take It With You

“You Can’t Take It With You”


If you care about your own survival and your family’s welfare then the only rational solution is to be prepared and capable of providing for your own defense. It doesn’t matter if the ultimate threat comes down to a localized disaster, like Katrina, or worldwide SHTF scenario… the only threat that matters to YOU is the one at your front door, right now. Everything else is just poopoo.


I served for almost 20 years in law enforcement and even served two terms as the elected Sheriff of my county. I

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Spring is coming and a few random thoughts………

Gardening – Here in the South the weather has really turned warm in the past week. On Saturday the temps got up in the 70′s. Those warm rays beaming down from the sun reminded me that in just a few weeks many of us will begin preparing to garden. Those that start seeds indoors likely already have started their gardening preps.

The weekend around April 6th – weather allowing – will be my start. Tilling the garden, adding some amendments, and starting to plant some seeds are tasks to be done. Over the past few years I have planted most

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YouTube Video: A slow or fast movement out of the cities in a WROL situation?

Well folks – what do you think?




Guest Post: Producers Survive To Rebuild

This article was originally written and published over at Survival Sherpa. The author makes some valid points.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.

- Rourke

I wasn’t always a leech. I feel like one now. I no longer sign the front of paychecks. I’m a government worker – a school teacher. How do I reconcile this imbalance in my Libertarian mind? I produce nothing at my day job. I take money, with the help of armed government agents, from hard-working producers.

Just because I teach doesn’t mean I’m good at only one job. Over the years I’ve developed

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Recent violence and protests against the United States

Protest map as of September 14th.

Protest map as of September 14th.


You likely live in a vacuum if you have not heard of the violence erupting across the Middle East. Much of the violence has been attributed to a video which depicts Islam in a comical, disrespectful light. I have had a few people email me and ask me to comment on the situation – so here it goes:

I have watched the video and it is extremely disrespectful towards Muslims and Islam. I have been friends with Muslims and in my experience they are just like you in me – except they worship in a different way.

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Equipment Review: Zebralight H502 AA Flood Headlamp



Light. Probably one of the very first things a prepper considers when making a list of supplies to stock up on in case of an emergency. That famous lined, yellow notebook is brought out and at the very top “flashlights” is written, followed by “batteries”, “food”, “water”, etc.

Almost half of every single day the sun is shining on the other side of the Earth, while we bask in darkness. In today’s world due to significant technological advancements “flashlights” are shining brighter for a longer period of time than ever before.

Often overlooked when considering emergency lighting are headlamps. Headlamps

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Upcoming Southeast Preparedness Conferences…..



There are several preparedness conferences coming up here in the Southeast. Figured I would give them a mention in case those that would be interested were unaware:


September 8th, 2012 Charlotte PrepCon II – This one day event takes place just south of Charlotte, NC.

Speakers include:

James Wesley, Rawles (via teleconference) Rick Austin Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Vince Coakley Rich David Matt Gibson Bryant Haines Steve Nolan Don Rosenburg Survivor Jane


Self Reliance Expo, Hickory NC – Looks to be a great line up over the two day event.  


11:30 – 1:00

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