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Ronald Reagan
"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

- Ronald Reagan


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Don’t own a gun? No better time than now!

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Seems like there are more and more terrible events happening where some mentally-unstable person takes the lives of innocent citizens via a mass shooting. When it happens it makes national news and the anti-gun movement gets a huge boost of both money, and public support. I do see gun control measures increasing substantially within the next several years. A few more headlines of people getting killed by “evil guns” and gun control measures will be

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Panhandle Rancher responds…..EDC


Panhandle Rancher responds to comments regarding a Guest Post published here several days ago. The original article can be read HERE.

– – – Rourke

Every Day Carry, revisited.


Might I have erred by considering the military looking bag carrying male a threat? At least one reader thinks so. We have created a dangerous modern society and I submit there are more assaults, robberies, burglaries, and homicides

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Smith & Wesson M&P9 9mm Pistol


It cannot be overstated the need to be able to defend not only yourself and your family – but your property/supplies after TSHTF. Those who have failed to prepare will reach a level of desperation where they very well may come to take from you (and your loved ones). You have no choice but to stop them. Having a reliable pistol should be part of your defensive system.

I have owned a Smith & Wesson

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Running out of ammo!


By The Coach, Contributing Editor


My wife and I are fans of the TV show “The Walking Dead” but not because it is a zombie show. We use the show as a teaching tool. As we watch the show, we discuss the situations that the characters encounter. My wife and I do a, what if we were in that situation. How would we handle that situation differently? Yes I know some of the situations

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YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events.

Overall I think this video is pretty good. Sent in by The Panhandle Rancher he made a few points I agree with. Here are a few

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Women….Be Prepared

Women….Be Prepared

by M.B.

Okay so here we go with another “preparedness” type of document, I know, but there is a subject that is not often spoken about specifically when the conversation turns towards preparedness. It is a subject that can affect every female regardless of age, race, etc… I have a several female family members & I thought I would share some things I’ve gone over with them in the

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Common Myths About Self-Defense

Common Myths About Self-Defense

There’s nothing scarier than facing a stranger in a dark alley. Every year in America, 5 million are victims of violent crime, and sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes. Most people have a healthy fear of being attacked, and you probably learned from a young age to be on guard when it comes to your safety in public. But there are a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to

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Body Armor for Dummies……….

Body Armor for Dummies

by Jesse James, Editor-at-Large


No doubt, the vast majority of you are aware of the fact that our federal government seems intent on violating our inalienable right to self-defense, among others. It is entirely possible that we will cross the line where “from my cold, dead hands” ceases to be a metaphor. Body armor is a necessity for those who wish to initiate or survive being a

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Gault speaks…..Ramblings from the Homestead



And through the blur of a panicked moment, with an intruder breaking down doors, two fear stricken young children, heart racing, adrenalin seizing control of reaction, the flash of gunfire, the noise and the smoke, Melinda Herman did shoot him again, and again, and again…. Hitting the intruder (Paul Slater) five out of the six shots she fired from her 38. revolver. That’s gun control we can believe in.

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Guest Post: Give Me a Hand Someone

Give Me a Hand Someone

by Bret Gould

We talked about layering our weapons. We talked about the rifle, pistol, tomahawk and knife. What is the foundation for all of the skills? Where do we go from here. We go to hand to hand.

Consider some great warriors from the past. The samurai, the spartan, the ninja, the Burmese Bando fighter, the great Kungfu warrior. What did they all have in common? A

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YouTube Video: How to stop a massacre……

Thanks to the Panhandle Rancher for letting me know about this video.

– Rourke





[This is a response to recent post A few thoughts on knife fighting…. – Rourke]




Shotguns are often touted as first response to home invasion or burglary. I arm myself with a SIG P220 .45acp because a pistol telegraphs less around corners than do long guns. I will have my combat knife as well because it is always on my pistol belt. We’ve all seen westerns where the cowboy buckles on his

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A few thoughts on knife fighting…….

Alright. My very first thought and advice is DO NOT DO IT! Getting into a fight with another person and both yourself and your opponent are armed with knives is tremendously dangerous. To face off against someone with a knife and you are unarmed is flat out insane.

I have trained with knives before however the stick is my specialty. What I will say is that should you face off against an

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Guest Post: The many virtues of an American Classic – The Marlin 336


Photo courtesy of

By Mo

Cost and availability: The Marlin 336 retails for around $500 and is among the most ubiquitous rifles on the used market. In its most common configuration (pistol grip, 20” barrel, 30-30) it can usually be had for around $300. Leveraction rifles are typically immune to the restrictions and/or prohibitions that some localities assign to semi-automatic rifles.

Ammunition: The 30-30 is among

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Guest Post: My Journey into the World of Guns

By Sarah Clark


On my 43rd birthday I asked for a unique gift. Not that I really wanted it but I felt like I really needed it. I asked my husband to hire someone to train me to shoot guns. I wanted the whole kit and caboodle about how different guns work, how to handle them and how to use them. I did request that my husband not be my

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Some interesting new firearms for 2011


I love guns – of all types. I own several now and they are geared towards the “defensive” catagory and have more purchases planned as the budget (and the wife) will allow. I have recently seen a few newer firearms that I thought were pretty interesting. Figured I would pass these on to you as well –

Taurus Carbine CT G2

For more info visit…….


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