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Preparedness, football and ……..whatever



Looking ahead to the 2016 Presidential elections I am really curious to see what the Republican Party are going to offer up as a candidate. Chris Christy? Seriously? Sure – he would be better than Obama but is he going to guide this county in the right direction? I don’t think so. It is likely whomever is nominated for the Republicans will end up being the lesser of two evils….again. Hate to be negative

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A few random thoughts……….

A few things on my mind…….


Interesting that most all of the preparedness”experts” out there have proposed for years the need to have weapons of common caliber so that in most any crisis ammunition should be able to be found. I also have been a proponent in this. Guess what? WRONG!! Just look at the recent events where we have had – and continue to have – a gun control legislation emergency. Whether it

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Guest Post: A Few Thoughts of Bret Gould

A Few Thoughts of Bret Gould…..


Survival Blades

What is a survival blade and how does it relate to everyday carry. I had a guy in a kung fu/fma class ask me what was the best knife to use in a fight. I responded the one you have in your hand when it starts. There is no definitive answer to this dilemma. It all depends?

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A few random thoughts………

A few things that have been on my mind…….



Life continues to be extremely busy. This site, Seasoned Citizen Prepper, and Best Preparedness Deals have taken up a lot of time though I really do enjoy working with them. I have taken a break from my fiction site, A Survival Story and will be starting it back up soon. I was finally able to get A Survival Story: Part I published on Amazon.

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A few random thoughts……..



A few things that I have been doing or thinking about…….


First thing and incredibly important – I just want to say “Thank You“ to all of you. I appreciate the comments, the interaction, the support – and even the criticism. I started this site over 2 years ago to reach out to other like-minded folks and it has worked out better than I imagined. I have also met some

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A few random thoughts……


A few things that have been on my mind……..


I have a Ham radio and do not have a clue what to do with it. I don’t even know how to listen with it. I just met up with someone that said they are willing to help me out. I do not like the idea of getting the licence. I understand why HAM operators prefer that people get licensed. My concern revolves around –

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A few random thoughts………


Here are a few things I have been thinking about…….

The disaster in Joplin is terrible. The weather that has been occurring in the past month or so is unbelievable. Even with the preps that I have put into place – I feel totally unprepared for a tornado that can just wipe out everything you have. I look that I have a couple of realistic options – Build a safe room in

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