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A couple of my favorite things: NETFLIX and the Kindle


Figured I would say a few words on two of my favorite things…..Netflix and the Kindle.

I have been  user of Netflix for several years now – going from receiving DVD’s in the mail to now only streaming movies. At around $10 per month for unlimited streaming of the thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. it is a great deal. Many of you may remember a few months ago that I got rid of my cable/satellite services to reduce monthly expenses. I can honestly say I am not missing it at all. One of the reasons is my monthly

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What’s on my bookshelf right now…..

I continue to add to my preparedness library. Some just good reading, some skill and knowledge-related.  Regardless – there are a lot of good books out there.

Let me tell you what sits on my bookshelf right now – and often on my nightstand:

The Home School Shootist

The Urban Homestead

A Failure of Civility

Modern Survival

Surviving the Coming Collapse

Holding Your Ground

One Second After

SAS Survival Manual


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SHTFBlog.com releases new book…..

This announcement is a bit late – but worthy. Jarhead Survivor from SHTFBlog.com recently released the book - SHTF: A Guide to Surviving Almost Anything.  The book is only available for the Kindle (as of right now). Don’t have a one? Get a Kindle here.


SHTF: A Guide to Surviving Almost Anything is a compilation of blog post from SHTFBlog.com. So yes, much of the content is available free on the Internet however it is well organized in book format.

Here is a sampling of provided content:

–>The 10 most important

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New sponsor………

I have a new sponsor  - Survive Any Food Crisis, owned by Rod Davidson –  and wanted to pass on some information.

Check it out.

- Rourke

Rod Davidson is a family man and survivalist.

For over a decade he has been preparing and protecting his family for when a crisis hits.

And he would like to share his knowledge with you and show you how to do the same.

In his free report – How To Survive A Food Crisis – you will discover how anyone can start preparing for the imminent food crisis for pennies to

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2013 Chattanooga Sustainable Preparedness Expo…..

Chattanooga Sustainable Preparedness Expo – March 10   When? – March 10, 10am-6pm Where? – Chattanooga Convention Center – Chattanooga, TN What? – A family friendly event packed with solid and practical seminars by people who really know what they are talking about. Vendor booths by reputable companies carrying quality products.  It makes for a full day to learn and get equipped.


At the Expo, you will find a wide variety of vendors selling essential products, services, and training.  Take advantage of this opportunity to see firsthand the products you have read about or may not even be aware of.

U.S. Congressman

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Own a Kindle?

Long time readers likely know I am a huge fan of the Kindle (and other e-reader’s). I am probably due for another article on my reasoning for incorporating electronic books, manuals, files and video’s into my “preparedness library”. Anyways - if you own a Kindle or have a Kindle app on one of your other devices – this may interest you.


Over at BestPreparednessDeals.com there was a recent post that listed numerous survival and preparedness books that range in price from FREE to just a few dollars.


If you have an interest – check it out.


Since I have your attention - I

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Life’s Lessons Learned……THE CHRONICLES OF HAROLD

This incredible post was originally publish over at MSOnline’s sister site – SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. It can be seen in its original form here - http://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/?p=3187. Thank you Harold for sharing.

Life’s Lessons Learned

By Harold, Editor-At-Large – SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com



The War Years

 Just a history in chronicle form of my life, as I have lived it as near as I can remember after all of these years.  Preppers and Survivalists along with any other “back to the earth” types may find it interesting.  During the scope of this essay, I will chronicle

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Website Review: reThinkSurvival.com

I have wrote about reThinkSurvival.com before and with what I believe to be an ever important need to prepare I decided to mention it again.


There are a lot of preparedness sites out there with many being blogs (like MSOnline). The folks over at reThinkSurvival.com have done a fantastic job and provide a service to the prepper like not many others. We in the preparedness community try to each have our own niche to attract readers (great readers like YOU!). ReThinkSurvival posts information daily including interesting YouTube video’s, preparedness articles, and something else very unique: If you sign up on their website you

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Repost: Survival S.O.P.’s

In developing a Survival & Preparedness “System” – it is obviously important to think ahead. I mean, that is why we are all interested in preparedness is because we are concerned about what might happen in the future and are thinking, planning, and preparing now. Right?

With this in mind – it is a good idea to come up with Standard Operating Procedures for different scenario’s. These are written procedures with steps on how something will be done as well as who will be doing them, and what will be needed to make it happen.

The benefits to

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Special Sale on Preparedness DVD……..

From July 23rd through July 31st  I have reduced my Survival & Preparedness DVD to only $10.00 ( + free shipping!). This is a PC DVD (not for Mac’s or your DVD player).

DVD’s packed up and ready to go in the mail……

If you are not familiar with this DVD – read all about it below. Packed full of over 4GB’s of info including video’s, manuals, books, articles, and more.

Take care all and thanks for the support -




Purchase via Paypal:

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Special offer from SurvivalWeek.com

It is my honor to present this very special offer to all readers of ModernSurvivalOnline from SurvivalWeek.com:

Those who take advantage of this offer will receive a free 3-month subscription to SurvivalWeek.com’s monthly e-newsletter called The Beacon—the most comprehensive newsletter of its kind, dedicated to delivering you breaking news, practical survival tips and common sense advice from the global prepper community!”


To receive your 3 month free subscription to SurvivalWeek.com’s The Beacon please CLICK HERE and enter coupon code:  Rourke (not case sensitive) to take advantage of this offer.


No credit card information is

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SeasonCitizenPrepper.com has been launched……


I am very excited by a new project recently started…..SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com.

This website was created out of a surge of interest from older readers emailing me and asking questions related to survival & preparedness. Many of these people have just recently discovered preparedness and are just starting off. I have also received several inquires from individuals that are disabled in one manner or another. Tough circumstances for a prepper who has concerns about the future. Others have medical conditions requiring medication daily and are concerned about what will happen should an interruption to their dosing occur.

I am encouraging those that have particular knowledge

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Guest Post: The History and Future of Pandemics

[Orginal article posted at http://www.healthtrainingguide.com/the-history-and-future-of-pandemics/. I appreciate author Jennifer Bell contacting me and suggesting that MSO readers may find the information useful. I agree. - Rourke]


The Danger of Pandemics

Without a doubt, a pandemic is a serious – and usually deadly – disease outbreak at a global level.  In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that “another influenza pandemic is highly likely, if not inevitable”. The word pandemic, itself, comes from the Latin word Pan which means across or all, and the Greek word Demos which refers to a population or people.  Thus, pandemic refers to a disease that

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