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Wanna workout? No gym membership? No problem!


Being fit continues to be an aspect of preparedness that is mostly ignored. I guess it is not as cool as a “tactified” AR or a Benchmade Nimravus knife. In a survival situation the ability to perform physically (and mentally) could very well mean the difference between life and death – or maybe not. Who knows?

The vast majority of us sit in the comfort of our warmly heated homes, being transported here there via petroleum-powered vehicles over great distances. We make our way through the drive-thru to get instant nourishment or walk into the local grocery store and walk

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Candida Yeast Infections


 The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest.


Candida Yeast Infections by servantheart

The subject ain’t pretty…but you need to know this!

Skin fungus. We’d like to think we’d never have them. But, the truth is, I currently DO have one. I live in a part of the world that stays hot and humid more often than not. And post-IHTF, these nuisance skin conditions may very well become even more common, most likely in the form of foot fungus, i.e., athlete’s foot, etc. Why? Because people will be walking more; their footwear and socks

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CampingSurvival.com is now carrying fish antibiotics……

I just found out that ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor CampingSurvival.com is now carrying a large variety of fish antibiotics.

If you are in the market for fish antibiotics – check out CampingSurvival.com to see what they offer. Each antibiotic type also has an excellent description as to what that specific medication is generally used for.

For more information – click HERE.     






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Supplements as part of your food storage program

Back in the late 80′s I was big into bodybuilding. No ‘roids here – but I tried numerous nutritional supplements trying to get that “edge” to build more muscle – faster. Back then like a typical teenager I really didn’t think about health so much as my looks. Today at almost 44, I Crossfit and run for health reasons and all the while HOPING that looking better will be a benefit as well. 

I have a few select supplements that I use to assist in workout recovery and solidifying an environment that my body can build muscle

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Fitness and survival……..

There are tons of article written on which caliber is best for survival. Same goes for how much water you should have and which water filter is the best. Let’s throw in the countless opinions on why you should own this knife or that knife above all others. Know what I rarely hear about? Fitness as related to survival.

I am no exercise or fitness expert – but in my 43 years I have spent much of it “trying” to get fit and looked for workout programs to survive a SHTF situation. Right now I am in the best “fitness

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YouTube Video: What is crossfit?

I have been doing Crossfit for almost a year and a half. When it comes to preparing your body for the challenges of a survival situation - I think Crossfit is the absolute best method.

Many people have emailed me and asked about Crossfit. This video does a great job of explaining.



Part Two: Crossfit and Paleo……a journey into health and fitness


Part Two: Paleo Diet


Part One can be seen HERE.

Starting in my teenager years in the late 80′s all the way up to very recent I always followed a low fat, medium protein, high carb diet when trying to loose weight. I know, I know…. this goes totally against the low-carb rage that engulfed this country several years ago. When I was younger I studied nutrition and actually attended college studying nutrition for a year. Anyways, I have avoided low carb due to my love for pizza, potatoes, and bread.

A few months ago I heard

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Part One: Crossfit and Paleo……a journey into health and fitness


Part One: Crossfit


In most any survival situation health and fitness are factors that are extremely important. Several years ago I read a book written by Sylvester Stallone and he made the statement that once you turn 40 – it’s decision time. He said that around the age of 40 if you don’t start taking health and fitness seriously things can go downhill quickly. Back then I agreed with him and set out to try to change my life so I could stick around as long as possible.

Since my teenage years I have lifted weights

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Guest Post: Survival Muscles……..

The following submission is part of an ongoing Guest Post Writing Contest.

 - – – Rourke


Survival Muscles

By “Raptor Medic”


It’s going to happen! All civilizations fail whether it’s from disease, famine, Government collapse, Natural Disasters, Aliens or Zombies. If history has taught us anything it’s that life is unpredictable, and for that reason it always pays to be ready for the worst. Most preppers know the basics of survival (food, water, security). I want to talk about the one thing that most people forget to think about,

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Health and preparedness……..

push ups.....lots of push ups

Over the past few months I have been taking health and exercise much more seriously.  Sylvester Stallone wrote a fitness book several years ago and in it he made a statement – Once you hit age 40 it is decision time. After age 40 things can go downhill pretty fast.

I am 42.

In a survival situation good overall health could provide the edge needed. Many armchair preppers out there stock up on some extra food, have the shotgun in the closet, and have a backpack in the trunk and feel they are ready. Try putting that backpack on and carrying that shotgun

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Health – Important now for survival later

I have not been the epitome of fitness for a long time – could be a lot worse though. As a teenager I was heavily involved in weightlifting/bodybuilding. I was very interested in nutrition and its effect on the human body’s performance. I also spent some time in college studying nutrition. That was 20 years ago.

Today like many other people  – I have somewhat caved to the stresses of having a family, a career, and normal “life problems”. I find myself stuck going through the drive through in the morning getting a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit because I am

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