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Mountain House releases new products…..


I just received the following press release from Mountain House. If you are looking for long term freeze dried food – I highly recommend Mountain House. Easy to prepare and tastes great. Check our sponsors as many of them carry Mountain House Freeze Dried foods.


Leading Outdoor & Emergency Preparedness Food Provider Mountain House Satisfies Consumer Demand

with Four New Products

New comfort food products directly resulted from survey of outdoor enthusiasts


Albany, Ore. – March 26, 2014 – Mountain House, the leading provider of food for outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness, is adding

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Mountain House Taste Test…..Chili Mac with Beef


Have you ever tried freeze dried food? Over the years I have tried many different brands and flavors – some good, some bad. As I continue to add long term freeze dried foods to my system I have found it very useful to try smaller pouches before spending the money on larger #10 cans. Hey – why buy foods that you and your family don’t like and will not eat? 

I recently ordered several Mountain House varieties to try including Chili Mac with Beef which sounded good. I chose Mountain House as past experience showed they offered excellent quality and

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Reminder: HUGE Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Sale – up to 50% off

This is the biggest sale I have ever seen at Emergency Essentials. HUGE discounts on Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods – up to 50%. 

Here are a few examples:

Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon – Regular $33.99   Sale $16.99   Wow!! Mountain House Beef Stew  - Regular $35.99   Sale $21.59 Mountain House Chili Mac – Regular $26.49  Sale $15.89 Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – Regular $25.49  Sale $12.74 Mountain House Teriyaki Chicken and Rice – Regular $30.49  Sale $18.29 Mountain House Diced Beef – Regular $60.49   Sale $36.29


 Click on the Banner Below

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Guest Post – Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated: Quality Matters

Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated: Quality Matters

Freeze-dried foods are often compared to and confused with dehydrated foods. Both are useful for emergency food storage, hunting, biking, hiking and camping trips. But, the way they’re processed in order to preserve the foods are completely different. These processes help to maintain the quality of these types of foods.

Preserving Quality During Processing

There are differences between the preservation processes of freeze-drying foods and dehydrating foods. Some types of foods retain better quality with one process than with the other. The main differences in both processing types are the variety of foods,

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Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Food Storage

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Food Storage

The amount of man-made occurrences and natural disasters continues to climb. It’s during these times that electricity, gas and water supplies aren’t functioning. There are also emergency situations where you may be quarantined to your home, or even evacuated from it. Either way, you probably won’t have access to groceries because most stores will be closed. So, what will you do? How will you feed your family?

5 Different Ways to Go About Building Your Food Storage

The best way to ensure that you’re able to feed your family when a

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Announcement for The Berkey Guy…….

I just received word from longtime MSO sponsor –  The Berkey Guy, that they are no longer carrying the WISE brand of food storage products and have replaced them with the legendary Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods. 


Carrying a large variety of Mountain House foods including cans, pouches, and buckets – The Berkey Guy is an excellent choice to help cover all your food storage needs.

Check them out HERE.

 - Rourke


CampingSurvival.com Mountain House 25% Off Sale

ModernSurvivalOnline.com sponsor CampingSurvival.com just informed me that they started carrying Mountain House Freeze Dried Food.

Currently all of their offerings are 25% off. Check out their current line up here - http://www.campingsurvival.com/freezedriedfoods.html.


Good deals!

- Rourke

Sponsor Highlight: Shelf Reliance

This week I am highlighting sponsor Shelf Reliance here at ModernSurvivalOnline. SHELF RELIANCE is a company that specializes in food storage, storage rotation, and emergency preparedness products. Their goal is to help families prepare for whatever tomorrow may bring, allowing them to feel confident if disaster strikes.

Shelf Reliance Website

Shelf Reliance carries many different survival & preparedness supplies – a few I really want to point out to you:

THRIVE Long Term Food Storage – THRIVE is Shelf Reliance’s product line of freeze dried/dehydrated food packed in cans for long term storage. Cans are color coded by food category and each

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Preparedness Deal of the Week: Freeze Dried Chili Mac…….

Brought to you by BestPreparednessDeals.com…….enjoy!! 

Mountain House Freeze Dried Chili Mac


With our Mountain House Chili Macaroni you can enjoy Beef, Macaroni, and Beans in a Tomato sauce. Each can of Mountain House Chili Macaroni makes 10 1-cup servings. Freeze-dried meat included in entree. Mountain House® foods have excellent flavor, convenience, and storability. The Mountain House® name is your assurance of premium quality foods that may be stored for years. The exclusive Mountain House® freeze drying process locks in the natural flavors and colors of our premium-quality foods. Mountain House® freeze

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Infographic: How freeze dried is made……

There’s a winner…….

In a recent post I passed on the great sale that the folks at Emergency Essentials  is having on Mountain House #10 cans. In that very post I also – in conjunction with Emergency Essentials – was offering a #10 can of Mountain House Scrambled Eggs and Bacon to giveaway. 

62 comments were left and I used Random.org to select a winner. 

The winner was the 24th comment left -CONGRAT’s  Octavio!!!

Emergency Essentials, a leading supplier of survival and preparedness products has a great sale going on the month of June while supplies

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Mountain House Foods SALE and giveaway…..


Emergency Essentials, a leading supplier of survival and preparedness products has a great sale going on the month of June while supplies last.


All Mountain House #10 cans of freeze dried foods are discounted 20-25%. Mountain House is the largest and most reputable manufacturer of long-term freeze dried foods. A staple of many prepper’s – freeze dried food can keep 25 years of more. Ideal for long-term as well as short-term preparations.


From Beef Stew to Strawberry’s – Emergency Essentials offers a wide

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Survive2Thrive Organic Food Storage on Sale Now!!

[The good folks over at Directive21.com is running a special - thought I would pass it on. - - - Rourke]

Taste Test: Mountain House Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

The basis of my food storage program is mostly canned goods and other typical food from my local grocery store. Freeze dried food has been part of of my system more recently – adding a little here and a little there over the past 18 months or so. I have a combination of Mountain House cans as well as pouches. With the pouches having a 10+ year shelf and found locally – it is not difficult to get a few every couple of weeks and build up a decent inventory in a short period of time.


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Emergency Essentials special sale


OK fellow preppers…..working on your food storage program? I just saw Emergency Essentials latest flyer and it is impressive.  They have a  Mountain House sale that started Wednesday and is running for 2 weeks, — 20-25% off all Mountain House cans!!

That is a good deal.

Reviewing their selection and prices – I have my eye on some Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon for $23.92 when you buy 6 cans. I put away a case awhile back – good time for another.

For more info click HERE.

Take care all -


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Guest Post: What is the best type of food storage?

by Adam Torkildson

Importance of storing food properly

Almost everyone prefers good, tasty and hygienic food. In today’s world, hygiene is a major point of consideration. Food storage in a proper manner is one of the best ways of keeping the food hygienic over an extended period. If food is not stored suitably, it loses its nutritive value. In fact, improper ways of food storage can lead to food poisoning and hence, are detrimental to health.

The different ways of storing food

There are different ways of storing food and it depends wholly upon your personal choice. One of

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WISE Food Storage-One Man’s Solution


This post was originally published over at M.D. Creekmore’s Survival Blog. The original article is here. It has been republished with permission.

This is a guest post by KGC

Your browser may not support display of this image. With so many choices of food storage products, I decided to give (Wise Food Storage) a shot because a trusted friend liked and recommended their products and Wise Food Storage boasts a 25-year shelf-life without having to rotate the food. I was skeptical at first, but up to the challenge.

I ordered one of their 56-serving buckets and prepared two of the

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Steps to Preparedness #1: Food Storage

Welcome to the first installment of Steps to Preparedness. 

Steps to Preparedness will be a series of posts covering a wide range of topics that are important to survival & preparedness in the event of a long-term TSHTF situation. My hope is that once this series is complete – all Steps to Preparedness posts could be printed, placed into a binder – and you will have a “Preparedness Guide” for reference. 

 This installment will focus on Food Storage.  

First – Why store food? There are many reasons why it is beneficial to store extra food. Numerous life events can impact the ability to provide

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Review: THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberry’s


I recently had the opportunity to try some THRIVE freeze dried strawberries from Shelf Reliance.

 I was very excited to try the strawberry’s out when I received them. The cans come sealed with a pull-top as well as a plastic cover that fits securely once the can has been opened.

I opened the can and as you can see from the pictures below – the strawberries were in the can – a rather pale red color and of course dry.

I removed some of the

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Food Storage Poll Results

I recently ran the first poll here at MSOnline asking about how much food you have stored. I was a little surprised by the results – here they are:

137 total votes

Question: How much food do you have stored?

1-2 weeks      24 votes (17.52%)

1 month        38 votes (27.74%)

3 months     24 votes (17.52%)

6+ months  51 votes (37.23%)

What I was surprised at was the 6 month voting level. 6 months of food is a lot. Good job if you have reached that level. Even 1 month of food set aside is quite an accomplishment.

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Follow Up: Backpacker’s Pantry Food

In my previous post about Backpacker’s Pantry food – the results and impression was not very favorable.

I received some information from mtower giving me his recent experience with Backpacker’s Pantry food. mtower had purchased some of Backpackers Pantry food prior to my review and was concerned if he would like what he bought – so he decided to try it. He prepared his package of Louisiana Red Beans and Rice per the instructions. His and his daughters impression overall was pretty favorable – so he suggested I do not give up on them yet.

Follow Up: Backpacker’s Pantry Food

Safecastle Royal Buyers Club Special Offer

One of my sponsors Safecastle is having a great special that I wanted to pass on: 

– For all Safecastle Buyers Club Members – Mountain House Freeze Dried 25-Year Cans 25% Off, Free Shipping Investment-Grade Nutrition Lock-in today’s food prices for as long as you hold this food. Up to $1000 in Member Freebies! Thru September See Member Freebie Details  Shop Now

If you are looking for survival & preparedness supplies – you should check out Safecastle and join their Buyers Club. Good products with deep discounts.


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Review: Backpackers Pantry Meal

 Stopped by a REI store and looked around. Holy cow they are expensive! I decided to pick up a few varieties of “camp food”.  One that I decided to try was Backpackers Pantry’s Chicken with Potatoes and Stuffing.

Click to Enlarge

My 11 year old son decided he wanted it for supper one night – so we made it together.

Click to Enlarge

 We followed the instructions per the package to pepare the food. After I dumped the water in the foil packet – I stirred pretty hard for a couple of minutes. I sealed the top and

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Emergency Essentials Sale…….

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Sale 25-30% off all cans! Two Week Sale Sale Ends September 16, 2010 Click the following link – BePrepared.com for a list of all products This is a rare sale of this magnitude – Great Deals!!!! I suggest you take advantage of it.