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Starting a seed bank…….

Gardening is one of my hobbies. For the past 9 years I have continued to garden….learning and making mistakes. I look at gardening as one of those skills and abilities that go right along with preparedness. Supplementing food stored with that coming from gardening…well, just makes sense.

Every year I am always buying more seeds than I need. I also have not stored these extra seeds in any other manner than sticking them on a shelf in my garage. I have used seeds as old as 4 seasons – no problem. Germination rate a little lower – but they worked.

I walked

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Guest Post: Goats for the Long Haul


The following submission is part of an ongoing Guest Post Writing Contest.

 - – – Rourke



by P.M.



It seems that everyone has had one bad experience with someone’s pet goat, and for that reason, I hear many folks disparage the entire species.  Now, just imagine that you are an intelligent, sociable creature and someone has chained you to the porch and expects you to mow the grass for them.  You don’t even like grass very much and when you get

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