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Video of the Week: FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st

Watch this video. Yes….there is another suggestion that “something” will happen on or around a specific date. In this case that date is October 1st. Now – I have seen these kinds of predictions come and go with nothing happening. In this case – just watch the video. October 1st will likely come and go but the content of the video itself is pretty interesting….and concerning.



Is Obama building “citizen army”

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Obama – then a candidate – made a unique and surprising statement. He stated that….well…..why don’t you just hear it for yourself?



The statement was not widely reported or discussed by the lamesream media. Honestly, at the time I thought that he just got caught up in the moment and misspoke. After the last 4+ years under this administration I certainly am suspicious that there were no

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Concerning…..The latest from “DHS Insider”

The following article was originally published on December 27th, 2012 over at Canada Free Press. This article is being republished with permission. The original article can be viewed following this link –

Special thanks to Irish-7, Editor-at-Large, for making me aware of the article.

Read the following information. I would like for you to comment and share your thoughts.

– Rourke


The latest from “DHS Insider”

By Doug Hagmann


Introduction: After

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