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“Firearms Week” coming to



Stay tuned!! Coming soon is a full week of rifles, pistols, carbines – everything and anything related to firearms for 7 days straight right here on ModernSurvivalOnline.

If you are a gun nut like me or have a passing interest in firearms I am sure there will be something for you. Firearm reviews, commentaries, philosophy, accessories, shooting, defensive training – a variety of topics will be covered(maybe some just for fun).

Hey – if

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Remembering the S&W 686 Classic Hunter

smith _ wesson 686

Years ago when guns were a lot cheaper and I had a lot less gray I bought a Smith & Wesson 686 Classic Hunter. I was living in the small town of Franklin, New Hampshire at the time and purchased it from a tiny gun shop in town. I believe I paid $280 for it. Man, those were the days.

If unfamiliar the 686 Classic Hunter is a .357 Magnum revolver with a 6″ barrel.

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Gault on……bob’s Fallback



In a recent post about stockpiling food preps a reader calling himself bob left the following comment;


“I’m good. I have an acre of land that I use for gardening that I tend daily, plus I can fish, I can hunt and I’m surrounded by freshwater. If that fails, I’ll take what I need. With force if necessary. I’ll spend this $260/yr on ammo. =)”


The 1st part of his comment about

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Are you prepared for the things that go Bump in the night?


This post was originally published December 3rd, 2013. In case you missed it….. here it is again.

– Rourke

Firearms training is likely one of the most ignored aspects of preparation for most preppers. They spend tons of money of guns and ammo – and consider punching holes in paper sufficient training to ward off the hordes of zombies waiting for them. It is an easy situation to fall into as people want

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Review: Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 .22LR Semi-Auto


This post originally appeared back in May of 2011. I will be posting an UPDATE tomorrow on how my M&P15-22 has performed over the past three years. The original review can be seen HERE. – Rourke

I love the .22LR .

Over the years I have had a variety of .22LR pistols and rifles. From the Ruger Mk II pistol to a Squire Bingham M16R – I have shot

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Personal Security for your Home when SHTF


A home is not simply a place to sleep and watch mindless television episodes hour after hour. A home is a personal shelter for your home and family. Protecting those that you love and care about is something we can’t just play around with. We need to have systems in place that can withstand the best of times as well as the worst. I’ve been around the world and have

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Thoughts on ammo availability…….

I received the following note from frequent contributor D. –


Various calibers of ammunition are now starting to make an appearance on the marketplace. (Natchez Shooters Supply, Midway USA, etc) Most are still selling for 3 to 4 times the pre-panic pricing. Unless you would like to forever pay an extortionate price for ammo, I strongly suggest, WAITING! If you can hold off on your purchases until prices fall to below $.50 a round

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Guest Post: Something completely different

…Something completely different

by D.


Weapons gadgets, mods, add-ons, whatever you call them, they all have a weight that also adds to your weapon.

I am not against add-ons, they definitely have their place, and over my life time I had been sucked into trying many of them. Almost all of them are useful, just not all at once. They should be tailored to the mission. When your weapon starts to look like a

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Guest Post: THE UN-THOUGHT OF Part 4


by D.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Plan your defenses in depth. Layer them. Your first defense is patrolling, get some manuals and learn. Patrol one to two clicks out. Vary your routes, exit/entrance and times. Go slow. Be quiet. Stop frequently and listen. Your reason for patrolling is to gather intel to alert your perimeter not make contact. Set up a reliable

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Body Armor for Dummies……….

Body Armor for Dummies

by Jesse James, Editor-at-Large


No doubt, the vast majority of you are aware of the fact that our federal government seems intent on violating our inalienable right to self-defense, among others. It is entirely possible that we will cross the line where “from my cold, dead hands” ceases to be a metaphor. Body armor is a necessity for those who wish to initiate or survive being a

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Combat in the dark……


Recently I have been playing a lot of paintball and airsoft. Fun and great exercise. I participated in my first night airsoft game and it was an eye opening experience. I have no military training which I consider a major drawback in the skills department. I have no expertise in night combat either – kinda the point of this post. Anyways, this night game was played in absolute darkness outside with only a bit of

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Reader response to guest post

Several days ago I recieved a response from D.G. – and wanted to pass it on to all of you.

This response was related to the Guest Post – BOV Considerations by Burne51.

by D.G.

I have read many a prep/survival post about different preparations people have made. Different folks have posted their choice of weapon, fire starter, flahlight, raincoat, back pack, even their vehicle of choice for bugging out. Others have an established

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22LR as a Defensive Round?

Via my previous blog before it was moved here – slightly updated: In today’s tight economic conditions – there are many preparedness-minded folks out there looking to their Defense Budget and trying to get money to stretch as far as possible. One must consider what type of scenario the Defensive Budget is being prepared for and considered. Obviously – a collapse of society and having to defend yourself and family against motorcycle-riding roving gangs of

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