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Railroad Mantainance Vehicle[3]

The post below is an entry into the ModernSurvivalOnline Preparedness Guest Post Writing Contest.



The great debate on the survival sites and reoccurring themes in most survival novels, of which I have read many, address the questions of what is the best weapon or knife, and whether to bug-in or bug-out.  How much food should I store, what if I live in an apartment, or should I move to the Redoubt?  The answers to most of these questions generally come down to how old you are, can you leave your job


Guest Post: Bug Out Vehicles

Bug Out Vehicles

There are an almost infinite number of choices when it comes to bug out vehicle options. You have your 4×4 trucks and SUVs, retired military vehicles, ATVs, Track/Trail bikes, and even mountain bikes. Rather than make any recommendations I am simply going to tell you about my choice for a BOV and my reasoning for that choice.


Rather than choosing a traditional BOV I have gone with the original SUV, a station wagon, a 1957 Chevy Belair station wagon to be exact. There are many reasons for my choosing this vehicle the first being my love

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Post-SHTF transportation: The Mountain Bike

Do a search for “bug out vehicle” and you’ll find everything from a small economy car to a monster truck suggested. Certainly there are numerous vehicles that can work in different situations. I recently picked up five mountain bikes for the family – mainly for recreation and exercise.


After having rode mine on pavement and dirt trails, I have been looking at them a bit different. A bike would be a great method of transportation when either trying to conserve fuel for a car or truck, or for when that fuel is gone. Spending as

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Guest Post: How an RV Can Save Your Family in an Emergency

The Ultimate Bug Out/In Vehicle: How an RV Can Save Your Family in an Emergency


My wife and I have lived full time in RV’s for five years and have owned every kind of RV on the market. When an emergency strikes having an RV fully loaded and ready to go (or stay whatever the case may be) can be a lifesaver; literally! Think about it, you have a fresh water tank, full propane tanks, a toilet, shower, refrigerator, lights, heater and if you have a built in generator you also have air conditioning

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Guest Post: Sailing for Survival



One survival option I have considered over the last year is a sailboat. Within the survival community there are two major camps, the bug-out doctrine and the castle doctrine. Needless to say each has many variations and are highly tailorable to personal needs and available options. I think for many families the castle doctrine is preferable, for solo young men probably the bug out. Being a young college student with minimal financial resources, I was mostly prone to bug out prepping, with the focus largely on skills (as I had a lack of gear or resources

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Guest Post: A practical, reliable bug out vehicle

by “It’s a secret”


A brand new Hummer or Jeep Wrangler, decked out with every available option may sound like the best, most capable vehicle in an emergency situation. The harsh reality is that they could be one of the worst. Don’t get me wrong, they are both very nice, with proven track records, but in an emergency, can leave you and your loved ones stranded.


The problem lies with the tremendous amount of electronics needed for the vehicle to operate. The average newer vehicle(especially within the last ten years) has several computers on board that control

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Guest Post: “Building the Budget ‘Burban Batmobile”

by Wyzyrd

Yes, it’s a silly title. If I had called it “A 72-Hour+ Kit for your vehicle“, or

something similar, you might have just said “another one of those…” and ignored

it, completely. No chainguns, no rocket-launchers, some humor.  A disclaimer: Anytime I recommend

a particular item, the URL is the manufacturer, so you can see specs and compare.

Probably cheaper online or locally. I’m not shilling for any outlet, just showing

you my own picks, where appropriate.


I’m not a big “car guy”, so the first thing to think about for your Suburban

Survival Vehicle, IMHO,

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Guest Post: Emergency Roadside Repairs

You’ve probably already read my review of the Paladin Go Bag and my use of it as an emergency roadside toolkit.  In all honesty, an emergency roadside toolkit is completely worthless, unless you know how to use it.  Today we’ll discuss a few problems which may occur while on the road, and how to correct them until you can get your vehicle home or to a service station.  These instructions can be useful in normal circumstances, as well as in a disaster situation.  At the least, they will save you the cost of a tow, in a disaster/bug-out situation these

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Guest Post: Keeping your vehicle running when SHTF

A reliable vehicle can be your lifeline.  Without it, you are very limited in how far you can travel.

I’ve read plenty of posts about bug out vehicles…but not many on keeping your bug out vehicle running for extended amounts of time.


Personally, I don’t have a garage with enough space to store an entire set of parts, including engine, for my vehicle.  Some people don’t even have garages.  I do however have tools to remove or replace just about any part on my vehicle.  I’ve also performed many part replacements myself.  I have the know-how, but don’t have

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Video of the Week: Bug Out Vehicle

Great video talking about bug-out supplies and a unique method of organizing them on a vehicle. Check out AnalyticalSurvival on YouTube.


Thinking about bug-out vehicles

I am in the process of looking for another vehicle after selling my previous “bug out” vehicle – a Chevy Blazer ZR2. My thoughts on what to get and what might be the best bug-out vehicle is beginning to change.

Previously – I had based my needs something that could haul my family of 4 as well as a trailer. Off road capabilities were always considered a must. Why off-road? I just envisioned blocked roads requiring the ability to take alternate routes as well as the ever possibility of severe winter weather (snow).

Generally – the off-road

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Guest post: BOV Considerations by Burne51

BOV considerations by Burne51

In any bug-out scenario, your vehicle becomes, and remains until further notice, the place where you live, along with everything you own in the world. You may be the best-equipped prepper in your circle, or the smartest gal on the block, but when TSHTF, you may find yourself to be just another weary traveler looking for a safe place to land. In many ways, you’re a refugee, no different from Okies escaping the Depression Dust Bowl; or survivors fleeing a volcano or armed killer mobs or the authorities du jour, which may not be mutually exclusive.

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Signed book giveaway – “BUG OUT” by Scott B. Williams

Bug Out, Scott Williams, survival, preparedness, evacuation

I recently reviewed Scott Williams book-  BUG OUT – The Complete Guide for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late. I found the book full of great information and highly recommend it. I am excited to say that Scott contacted me and offered up a signed copy to give away to one lucky reader.

Entering this contest is easy – so simple!

Just leave a comment right here on this post. That’s it.

 Now - make sure you leave a valid email address so that when the lucky winner is drawn I can contact

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Transportation for Bugging Out

My current locale is not the best if TSHTF. I am 30 miles from a “major” city and a couple miles from a busy interstate highway. As I travel down this road called Preparedness I am coming under the realization that if it gets bad enough – I am going to have to bug out.

After interviewing Scott Williams and reading his book BUG OUT(review long overdue for this excellent book)…..relocating in a severe enough emergency makes a whole lot of sense.

My brother has land (40+ acres) in Georgia that is well in the boonies. I have

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Book Review: BUG OUT by Scott Williams

Scott Williams book BUG OUT – The Complete Guide for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late has been on my nightstand for quite some time. A review is long over due.

 Prior to reading this book – I really had no plans or preparation for evacuating my home. “Bugging in” should TSHTF was my only thought and option. BUG OUTreally opened my eyes. I have realized that I have to consider the possibility that it may be necessary to relocate in the event of a crisis situation – and it is not just a matter of jumping

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Perfect bugout shelter?

I was recently contacted  by Expedition Range Camps as they thought the readers of ModernSurvivalOnline.com might be interested in their products.

I think you might.

Visiting their website I found that what they carry a portable shelter that can be transported from one site to another. Similar to an RV/camper  – I found these things pretty cool.

Here is a description from one user of their Range Camp:

After learning of the use of a Range Camp (a modern version of the old sheep herder wagon) as a mobile retreat I was intrigued about the possibilities for

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Looking for a new backpack

I have a backpack that is at least 15 years old and still looks pretty much brand new. I have used it very little over these years as most of my “survival kits” have been made with smaller packs and bags.

I have decided to put together a true Bug Out bag since I have started reading Scott Williams book BUG OUT – which is awesome. Maybe my old bag would work – here is what it looks like:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and they had a few backpacks

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Interview: Scott Williams

 It is my pleasure to publish this interview with Scott Williams – author of the popular book BUG OUT: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastophic Disaster Before Its Too Late. Between reading his book and frequenting Scott’s blog – I have been learning more about him – and I am simply impressed.

Direct from Scott Williams blog……..“I have spent a considerable part of my life living and traveling outdoors and learning and perfecting wilderness survival skills. My experiences include thousands of miles of solo long-distance sea kayaking journeys both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as wilderness canoe-tripping and

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Guns for your Bugout Bag……

Note:Check your local laws to see if it is lawful to store a firearm in your bugout bag.

There are many circumstances where having survival kit/bugout bag proves very beneficial.

Several years ago my future wife and I were traveling during the winter months from New Hampshire to South Carolina. While going through New York we ran into a severe ice storm – roads were slick and traffic was at a stand still – and it was late at night. The radio really provided no information on the roads. I pulled out my survival kit and retrieved a

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Thoughts on Bugging Out…….and Heading Home

Something I have thought of many times – What if you are at work, running errands, etc. when TSHTF?   When disaster strikes – there is no guarantee you will be at home. You need to have a plan to get back home or to your predetermined retreat locale. One of my biggest concerns are bridges. If terrorist really wanted to disrupt our economy – there are several key bridges that could be easily taken out- segregating areas of the country from the others. Without the ability to transport goods across the country in a timely manner – things

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Bug Out Vehicle Considerations

First off – my plans involve bugging in – not bugging out. As with any plan – there should be back up scenario’s “just in case”.

I currently have a 2000 Chevy Blazer ZR2 4×4 2 door SUV. I like it a lot – and it does well off road. My thoughts on a bug out vehicle is several things need to be taken into consideration – and I am not sure if I should replace the Blazer:

The vehicle should be able to hold all of my family The vehicle needs to be reliable enough to be depended upon

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