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Body Armor is Legal for Civilians to Own



There are many homeowners who make the mistake of assuming that body armor can only be owned and worn by civil servants, such as police officers and members of the military. That is not the case at all though. Every citizen has a legal right to be able to own body armor. Body armor for civilians has been legal for many years because the government knows that people have a right to protect themselves, their property, and their family. If you are injured or killed, your family will have to fend for themselves, which can create a horrible situation.

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How to Buy Body Armor on the Internet

How to Buy Body Armor on the Internet

by A.


When thinking of buying body armor on the Internet, you have to consider several important things. The intention to buy body armor means that you’re seriously worried about your personal safety. Whether you’re a regular walker through a hazardous neighborhood or hold a position that can put your life at danger, the armor you purchase must meet the highest quality standards and comply by the international protection levels.

How about eBay or Amazon?

Both eBay and Amazon are globally recognized on the web as the two top marketplaces. They

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New or Refurbished Body Armor

New or Refurbished Body Armor


When it comes down to protective clothing you will need to know as much information as possible. When choosing the right body armor you need to know exactly what you’re buying and whether you’re buying quality products, from a reputable supplier or manufacturer. Doing your research and getting a good understanding can mean the difference between you being fully protected, partially protected and at very worst actually not really being protected at all.


When we talk about the life of body armor we are mainly looking at the protective materials used inside the

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Body Armor for Dummies……….

Body Armor for Dummies

 by Jesse James, Editor-at-Large


No doubt, the vast majority of you are aware of the fact that our federal government seems intent on violating our inalienable right to self-defense, among others. It is entirely possible that we will cross the line where “from my cold, dead hands” ceases to be a metaphor. Body armor is a necessity for those who wish to initiate or survive being a party to a two-way range. The discussion following is intended to be a simple primer on body armor for those less familiar with the actual product

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Guest Post: Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers

Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers

By Jason Stevens – Body Armor Expert


Most of the manufacturers design Military Gears according to the requirements of the Male soldiers. This is the main reason why female soldiers face difficulty in finding proper combat uniforms for themselves. The body armor available for females causes discomfort and they are not able to make proper movements. This is the prime reason why army is trying its best to make a decent body armor which is suitable for females and is comfortable. When the body armor does not

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Guest Post: Ballistic protection during the cold war

Ballistic armor has come of age now, starting from the early ages of the 12th Century and they have changed shapes, sizes, designs and even come in different weights. A Ballistic armor as we know is capable of protecting an individual from bullets, fired projectiles, or from impacts of some explosions. They come in different levels today where each level denotes the protection it provides to the wearer. Each era saw several kinds of Ballistic protections whereby the cold war saw much advanced as well as highly effective Ballistic Protection which was a remarkable development in the field of protection

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