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Coping Without Power

Coping Without Power

by JM


Electrical power is something that we all take for granted. So much so that often we don’t even realise the extent to which our lives are impacted by the use of electricity. Often, it’s only when the power goes out that we begin to understand how much we truly rely on it. And yet the threat of losing power is something which hangs over our heads every day.

Any number of factors could potentially contribute to a loss of electrical power, as evidenced by the number of occasions when this has occurred. Natural disasters,

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Guest Post: …On solar

…On solar

I had originally written this as a comment to one of the past solar articles, but as is my habit, I got carried away and it became its own Guest Post, an attempt to expand on the knowledge imparted by previous basic posts on solar power….

“There is much to know about solar, but it isn’t as complicated as most might think, at least for the smaller setups like mine”. (Quote from a previous post)


Well yeah…sorry, but it is that complicated.


I have worked many years as an electro/mechanical designer in everything from medical to

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Video of the Week: Blackout Bag by Zion Prepper


Here is the Survival and Preparedness Video of the Week:



Video of the Week: Prepping Fuel Plan

From Engineer775 - Putting together a plan for storing fuels in case SHTF.




Survival Equipment Review: Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with 4 Goal Zero AA Batteries


I recently purchased a Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with Battery Pack. Over the past two weeks I have had an opportunity to trial it several times and so far am very impressed.

The Guide 10 Adventure Kit combines a small dual solar panel kit with a multi-purpose battery charging system. The complete kit provides a solution to those who look to charge cell phones, batteries and other electronic devices while camping, backpacking, or without power.

The kit consists of two main components:

First is the Nomad 7 solar panels. These solar panels are wrapped in a

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Built myself a charging station……

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of rechargeable devices. From battery chargers to rechargeable flashlights – there are lots of cables and plugs to keep up with. As part of my preps, I decided to try to get more organized and build a charging station.

One of the main purposes of this charging station is to have a portable and easy to use device which can be hooked up to my small solar system or generator – as well as 110v in normal grid-up conditions. Once hooked up – I can plug in multiple devices and get things

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Rechargeable batteries


Rechargeable batteries are not only a great way to save money – but can be a valuable resource in a disaster.

Most of my battery-powered components use a standard AA battery. I am trying to keep it this way as the AA alkaline battery is relatively inexpensive and many can stored taking up little space.

Before I go any further – lets look at the different types of rechargeable batteries:

NiCad – These are not available anymore. Low capacity – NiMH are better and have taken over the market. Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) – The most common type of rechargeable battery and commonly found today.

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My simple solar system – Part 2…..opppssss and a “duh!”


Well – my solar panels are on the roof, wires run, charge controller running and inverter installed. Just one problem – the system will not fill the role I originally intended. I am usually pretty good at math – but in this particular situation I failed to recognize the results of a simple math equation right in front of me.

First off – my plan was to use the solar panels to charge couple of marine batteries which would then power a very small refrigerator. The fridge is needed for my sons insulin in the event that the grid fails. Here is

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Video of the Week: Charging batteries from a heat source

This is simply too cool……and useful!! Gotta get one.

Check out Engineer775′s Channel HERE.


Reader review: The G24i Power Curve


by Jim Jones – KC5DOV

I found a neat little SOLAR CHGARGER for charging all my personal electronics such as my cell phone, MP3 player, and my GPS.  It is the G24 INNOVATIONS Power Curve.  I have used both of mine for over one year without any problems. They are lightweight and easy to use.  The POWER CURVE’s below were purchased at a local sporting goods store and cost approximately $39.95 (worth every penny to me!).


The POWER CURVE consists of a 0.8 watt photovoltaic Solar panel and 1200 mAH NiMH high temperature battery for use outdoors.  Included are

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My simple solar system – Part 1

image_5687 (1)

I have done it. I have stepped into the world of solar power. Not in a big way mind you – just a baby step.

I just picked up a Harbor Freight 45 watt solar panel kit. After doing some research I decided to start out with this kit. It is not the cheapest dollar per watt kit out there – but was not bad at all. I paid $136.00 for the whole kit – and now I will add an inverter, batteries, and auxiliary equipment.

I am no expert when it comes to solar stuff.

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New generator bought – Briggs & Stratton 5500 Watt

Ready to open my present......

Ready to open my present……

I have been wanting to pick up a new generator for quite some time – but ball and chain wifey wouldn’t cooperate. With the recent storms here in the Southeast and damage to our property – she is finally seeing the light. She actually called me up Thursday and said “Honey – the biggest and strongest man around – go ahead and go buy that generator you have been wanting.” Alright – I exaggerated a little – but she did give me the go ahead.

I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I went to

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Alternative power planned

I have a big interest in alternative power – specifically solar. I have a limited emergency power system now -not good for much more than powering just a few things for a limited time. I am planning to expand my alternative power capabilities early this Fall.

Solar power will be an integral part of this system. The video below describes a very similar system to what I will be installing – mine a little bit on a larger scale with larger capacity.

Take care all -


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