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Been a long three weeks….



Must be something in the water. These last three weeks have been extremely stressful. Work has provided insurmountable evidence that the gene pool in my area has seriously been tainted. We have had some financial challenges with vehicle problems, medical bills mounting, and of course Christmas approaching. Things will be tight – but we will make it through just fine.  I have a teenage son that believes he knows more than me. Aaaaarrrggghhh! I have been taking Crossfit very seriously and hitting the Box (aka Crossfit gym) daily – sometimes twice a day. Diet has been extremely good. Mental

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Random thoughts…….


Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers regarding one of my martial arts instructors getting killed. Details are still coming in but it is really a shame. She was always extremely nice – always willing to help. I feel bad for all her students that will be coming to class this coming week (if the school is open) expecting to see her and finding out she is gone. Tons of kids were under her guidance – many as young as five. Thanks everyone.

Several customers are still awaiting their Survival & Preparedness DVD’s. They are in the mail and everyone

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A few random thoughts……..

A few random thoughts:


Probably just a fantasy and not worth the money – but I am really intrigued by the TAVOR bullpup rifle. I have yet to even pick one up – but from what I have read I like it. Any of you ever shot it?


Interesting information about FEMA inquiring with food suppliers about maximum purchases allowed and how fast they can ship. Thanks Brenda(ThePreparednessGuru.com) for sending it in: http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Articles.asp?ID=315.


Ammunition seems to be in much better supply and prices are starting to return to more normal prices. I have managed to pick up

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A few random thoughts…….

A lot has been going on lately – both with myself and these pathetic efforts of our government to destroy our lives (we’ll talk about that another time).

Have had a lot of problems with this website lately. Everything should be good now but went through a period where access to the site had to be limited due to what appears to have been a series of hacking attacks. Extremely frustrating and wastes so much time. If you have any problems with the site – please let me know.


Sporting Clay’s: Recently went to Rocky Creek Sporting

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A few random thoughts……..

This week I will be “off grid” to a large extent. Any issues with the site will be taken care of – but likely with a substantial delay. Comments are being automatically approved. Emails will be answered – but again, with a substantial delay.

This week there will be mix of some “Blasts from the Past” re-posts as well as some new content. The most reason Guest Post Contest has ended and winners will be announced likely on Sunday April 7th or possibly on Monday the 8th.

Also – I will be announcing the prize line up for the April-May Contest soon

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Spring is coming and a few random thoughts………

Gardening – Here in the South the weather has really turned warm in the past week. On Saturday the temps got up in the 70′s. Those warm rays beaming down from the sun reminded me that in just a few weeks many of us will begin preparing to garden. Those that start seeds indoors likely already have started their gardening preps.

The weekend around April 6th – weather allowing – will be my start. Tilling the garden, adding some amendments, and starting to plant some seeds are tasks to be done. Over the past few years I have planted most

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A few random thoughts………..

A few things that have been on my mind…….


Tapco 30-rd black magazines for sale – I have 6 brand new Tapco 30-rd AR magazines. These are solid black. Two are in the Tapco clear plastic packaging, and 4 are bulk packed. Never used. I am looking to sell them for $135.00 which includes shipping. Paypal is required payment. If interested send me an email to emergencycd(at)gmail.com. $$SOLD$$


So far decently happy about the new look of this site. Having had the previous theme for over two ear – I got used to it but wanted something different.

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Life is busy……….

Here’s one of those posts that I just write and ramble on.

Besides my work, going to Crossfit a few times a week, and maintaining my websites – I have two new ventures. I have joined a church group that meets every Wednesday night – and am thoroughly enjoying this new path in my life. I also am participating in a church youth group that my 14 year old attends on Thursday nights.

I appreciate the words of encouragement from many of you when I mentioned my finding a church that I have been attending.

I have been catching up on

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So…..what’s going on?

Over the last week of so I have had some serious “writers block”. Having trouble getting any creative juices flowing (all right – no comments needed on that one!). Figured I would write some on whats been going on in my life. Something I do not often do.


BUSY! Too much so. Running several websites, doing Crossfit, having a family- I have bitten off more than I can comfortably chew. Spread thin – I will be making some changes effective January 1st. Over the Christmas Holiday I have some decent time off and will be making quite a few changes. I

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A few random thoughts……..

A few things in my mind…..

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. So far good for me. Need to put lights up on the house and a variety if Christmas “things” in the yard. Testing my skills of persuasion as I see how much of I can get my wife to do.  He He

During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are a couple of traditions in the Rourke household. One is I watch Christmas Vacation, Uncle Buck, and Christmas Story several times. Love these movies.


Over the past couple week been working on purchasing a variety

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A few random thoughts………..

A few things on my mind……


No news today – Valerie is on vacation.


Thinking recently about perimeter alarms. In a grid down situation I need to be able to monitor all sides of my house if I remain bugged in. I am working on a “tripwire” type system is pretty simple. The squirrels love to run along the top of the fence so that may interfere with the tripwire deal. I will write up a post once I have the first prototype finished.


My recent rant – I am human and my recent rant is likely proof of that. I really should

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