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Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store

In today’s economy every dollar counts. Many people out there are trying to stretch every dollar – while at the same time store additional supplies as part of their preparedness planning.  You may not think of a Dollar Tree or similar store as a place to buy survival supplies – but let me tell you – you would be surprised. Dollar stores offer an economical method off obtaining some needed supplies.

I go to my local dollar store about every 2-3 months and check out what they have. This past Sunday I decided to visit one of about 3 Dollar Tree’s in my area and report back to you some of the supplies that I found.

Here we go:

Survival at Dollar Tree

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 Stocking up on toothpaste is very easy at the dollar store. They even have a “Sensitivity” type that would cost you several dollars somewhere else. Floss is also available with many different types stocked.


Saving money at the Dollar Tree

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 Tooth brushes galore!!!! You can get a years – maybe 5 years supply – of brushes for your whole family for just a few dollars.

Survival Medicine at the Dollar Store

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 Above is a decent selection of cold medicines and band aids – CHEAP!!!!

Survival Medicine

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Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol – Just $1.00 each

Hand Sanitizer for Survival

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 Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and wet wipes – important items to assist in keeping germs to a minimum.

Survival Oinments

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 Lot’s of medical ointments and cremes for all kinds of problems – some you especially do not want to be dealing with after TSHTF.

Cheap Pain Killers

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 Very inexpensive pain killers – great for the first aid kit.

Cheap Flashlights

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 You can even pick up a few flashlights while at the dollar store-  they sell batteries too.

cheap backpacks for survival

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 Do you have a young child in your group? Don’t let them feel left out – get them a backpack and have them help carry a few of their supplies. These are not very durable – but carrying a stuffed animal and a small blanket they would be just fine.

In this post I have shown many items related to sanitation and first aid – but there is so much more. Go by your local dollar store and see for yourself. It is amazing how many supplies you can get for $20-$25.00.


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3 comments to Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store

  • I agree this is a good place to score some very necessary goodies….

  • KF

    Our local dollar store had large cans of sliced vienna sausages (great to put in a can of beans ). There are bargains to be had, but many things in the store are in smaller sizes than the normal retail stores. The smaller sizes fit better in your BOB!

    The best backpack deal I saw this week ( other than the free after rebate backpacks at Staples ) was a targus laptop backpack at BestBuy for $9.99.

  • Elyas

    My dollar store has shelf stable milk in quarts. Tastes pretty good.