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Special Event: PREPPER FICTION – Solar Storms 2012


Starting tomorrow, December 27th and over the next four days ModernSurvivalOnline will be hosting a 4-part fictional story written by Ted Howe and Shirley Swift.


The story follows a family that has strong survivalist skills. The issue they are dealing with is having a wide-spread electric power grid damaged by solar storms. Part of the family was unprepared and had to count on the younger generation’s help. A battle scene with strong language and death is a part of the story. It hopefully is a guide to be prepared. It is current – the story line begins in November of 2012 and ends in February of 2013.


I am very honored to have been chosen to publish this narrative of what is very possible, and plausible.  Each day a post will be published with the first few paragraphs of each part – and a link to the full content.


I hope you all enjoy the story.


– Rourke

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