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SHTF/WROL scenario video’s – thoughts?

YouTube’s SouthernPrepper1 has many, many helpful and educational videos to watch. Something unique he has done is create a series of fictional scenario videos which take place AFTER an event which left the country in a WROL situation. 


In case you are unaware what WROL stands for – Without Rule of Law. 


Below is a compiled list of all SP1 video’s. Others on YouTube jumped in and joined him in his story telling. You will have to search YouTube yourself for “scenario WROL” yourself as I just don’t have time to list them all.


I have enjoyed his videos and I hope he continues.


Take a watch and feel free to comment what you think

Video #1: 11/26/2010  SP1 – Tracking Humans in WROL   

Video #2: 11/27/2010 SP1What to do with your dead during a WROL situation

Video #3: 11/28/2010 SP1Another day in the life of our retreat. School, library and the attack

Video #4: 11/29/2010 SP1The aftermath of the attack on community 

Video #5: 12/01/2010 SP1The nightmare of WROL

Video #6: 12/04/2010 SP1The nightmare of WROL is getting worse

Video #7: 12/08/2010 SP1Conflict, Mr Peterson, AK or AR or better yet more ammo

Video #8: 12/10/2010 SP1Our community takes the good with the bad

Video #9: 12/13/2010 SP1Discussion of the last two video’s

Video #10: 12/16/2010 SP1How does our retreat community prepare for a possible new government?

Video #11: 12/25/2010 SP1A large cache made from a large oil drum

Video #12: 12/28/2010 SP1Deadly force is used to protect our food

Video #13: 12/31/2012 SP1The aftermath of the WROL shooting

Video #14: 01/06/2011 SP1Contact with a city survivor

Video #15: 02/01/2011 SP1I put the weight of the world on my son’s shoulders

Video #16: 05/07/2011 SP1First spring after crash (WROL)

Video #17: 05/12/2011 SP1Birth and death in our WROL community

Video #18: 06/02/2011 SP1Medicine, diet and ethnic cleansing 

Video #19: 07/11/2011 SP1Food and haircuts


Good stuff!


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10 comments to SHTF/WROL scenario video’s – thoughts?

  • I’ve been following Southerprepper1 since the begging and have learned a lot from his video’s. I really like some of the one’s he has done on retreat/homestead security.

  • KM

    I watched about 3 and a half minutes of the first video and I already see a problem. He blocked off a small area with the gun and then counted the number of footprints in that area, which was 6. Then he divided by two to get three (concluding there must be three people). Unless those were some really short people or they walk really weird, that would be wrong! Considering the length of a person’s stride, there should only be on footprint per person in that area, not two!

  • KM

    I guess they are just taking really short strides.

  • Southern Prepper 1 has plenty of other awesome videos besides this series, as you point out. I can’t tell you how many interesting things I’ve learned from his Channel.

  • KM

    These videos are neat. They are making me add stuff to my list and making me consider things I haven’t.

  • Jason H

    Another youtube member name of SuvivalPax also did a WROL video series. It was more of a video blog that was pretty decent of a suburbanite. It was a short series but very easy to relate to. Anyone know of any more out there that are decent?

  • KM

    I’ve watched all 19 that you’ve posted. My question is, how do I find more of these in order? How can I tell which video is number 20 on youtube?

  • Rourke

    KM –

    I went through them all and put them by date uploaded to YouTube. That’s how I knew the order.

    It took a while.


  • Irish-7

    I took the time an watched them all. He definitely gave some good pointers on survival. I would like to know what military experience he has and how he knows so much. But, truthfully, most “Preppers” are not in his ideal situation (Living on a farm, with property to grow abundant food, hunt and fish. Or, just as valuable, to have neighbors or a community that bonds and works together). Overall, his videos were very informative. On very few occasions did I notice any contradictions. I could be mistaken. Anyway, I won’t attempt to critique his work. He is way ahead of our family!

  • KM

    You can go to and then do a short by date (top left side). I think they are still out of order though, not sure yet. Wow, 197 videos is a lot of videos to watch!