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Ruger .22LR Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit

Every once in a while I come across a new product and think to myself  – “This is cool!!!!”

The ARES-22 RCU (Rifle Conversion Unit) is one of those items.

- Basically and upper receiver that can convert this:

Ruger 22/45

- Into this:

With the stock collapsed it would be very compact. Remove the barrel and even more so.

Now – I will admit that you could go buy 3 Ruger 10/22′s for the price of the completed conversion. I am not saying that I would buy one – but it is still a really unique idea.


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1 comment to Ruger .22LR Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit

  • That’s hella cool. If the MKIII wasn’t such a PITA to take down (had to us a mallet with LOTS of force to take down/reassembly), I’d get that right now. As it is, I have a U22 Neos and picked up that carbine kit, which admittedly is less cool looking. Nice find.