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Review: Springfield XD-40 Compact

This past weekend I was able to take my newly acquired Springfield XD-40 Compact to the shooting range for the first time since buying it. I am planning on carrying the XD Compact as my CWP.
XD, Springfield, 40, compact, 40, Smith & Wesson, CWP
My Springfield XD-40 Compact


OK – some details on the XD-40 Compact:

Off the ‘net: Made of sturdy polymer the Springfield Armory (Springfield Inc) XD Pistol is sure to withstand anything you can put it through. With the Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System the Springfield Armory (Springfield Inc) XD Pistol gives you a comfortable trigger pull with safety in mind. Durable, reliable and lighter than most popular competitive models the Springfield Armory (Springfield Inc) XD Pistol may be just what you want by your side.

  • Springfield Armory (Springfield Inc) XD Pistol
  • Model: XD 40 Semi-Automatic
  • Size: Sub Compact
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: 40 S&W
  • Capacity: 12 Round
  • Barrel Length: 3 Inch
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Grips: Black
  • Sights: Fixed
  • Includes:
    • 2 Magazines (1) 9 Round (1) 12 Round
    • Belt Holster
    • Double Magazine Pouch
    • Magazine Loader
    • Lock
  • Finish: Matte

My initial impressionsof the XD have been positive. I like the grip as long as the extended 12 round magazine is in place. With the 9 round magazine it is certainly compact – however my pinky finger has no place to go and grip is just no as sure. I like the sights – 3 dot arrangement. Pointability is great. Trigger pull is good  – not as crisp as a 1911 single-action of course but not heavy at all and at the same time not too light. Like most all polymer pistols weight is low and I have looked at this as a positive. Take down is easy and in-line with other modern pistols – flip this, turn that, pull and disassemble. Reverse to reassemble. Pretty easy. All of this was after bringing the pistol home and before firing.

I looked forward to going to the range and shooting the .40 S&W compact pistol. I brought along my S&W M&P9 9mm full-size to have something for comparison purposes.

Loading up a few rounds in each magazine and sending a target down range – I was finally able to shoot the XD. I inserted the standard 9 round magazine and racked the slide. My first thought after firing a few rounds was mixed. Recoil was quite a bit…..err…..”sharper” than I expected. Recoil was not severe – just sharp. I think the combination of the lightweight polymer frame and the small grip magnified the recoil. With the extended magazine in place it was not quite as bad. After firing a couple of magazines worth and somewhat getting used the “feel” of  my new pistol – I decided to shoot for accuracy.

All shots were fired from a Weaver stance with the 9 round short magazine.

Below: 5 shots at a short 7 yards – first shot was in the red.

5-shots @ 7-yards w/XD-40 Compact & 9 round magazine

Below: Another 6 shots from the XD @ 7 yards

7 yards - pulling my shots a little

Below: Two groups both fired at 15 yards from the XD Compact – amazingly – in both groups I shot a “flyer” low

Two groups at 15 yards

Below: Always good to have help at the range.

My helper always willing.......

I shot about 125 rounds through the XD-40 Compact with no malfunctions of any kind – which is what I expected. I also shot my S&W M&P9 9mm just for comparison purposes. I love my M&P and of course am very comfortable and used the the S&W. There was no differance in accuracy between the two in my hand- which surprised me. The Spingfield XD Compact is ideal for carrying concealed and the whole reason I bought it. I plan to head back to the range soon and fire many more rounds through it until I feel totally comfortable with it.

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14 comments to Review: Springfield XD-40 Compact

  • GrillSgt.

    Welcome to the club, Rourke! I carry mine constantly. Check out Laserlyte’s laser gun sights for our pistol. It’s incorporated into the rear sight. You can find it @ . Enjoy!

  • Great shooting. I have been looking at this weapon for a little while and was glad to see that you reviewed it. I would probably also need the extended mag because I have a bit larger hand. I guess thats the price you pay to have a compact weapon though. Good review.

  • The XD-40 has a much stiffer slide, so much so that I can’t use the pistol. The M&P 9c is much easier to use if you don’t have great grip strength.

  • Bill G

    i never understood the reason .40 was invented. yes…the recoil is QUITE sharp. makes follow up shots slower….not good. there are 9mm and .45. they are both time tested. its interesting that the .40 glocks have more problems than ALL the other glock calibers combined. (i realize yours is a springer!)

    i like xd’s….just not in .40. but YMMV

  • sdawgarmy

    Good info. I am torn I would like one but I’ve always been a glock guy. Wont be til summer though the wife just let me get mp15-22 today. Guess ill ask for sumthin for bday. Lol. Keep upgood work

  • Rourke

    sdawgarmy –

    Thanks – I used to have a Glock 17 – wish I had never gotten rid of it.

    Good luck with the M&P15-22 – would love to have one.


  • Rourke

    I personally would rather have a 9mm – but couldn’t pass up on the deal.

    Thanks – Rourke

  • Rourke

    What if it is today –

    I love my M&P9 – great gun.


  • jim

    i had the same pistol. loved it. To me it was the only one ive tried that felt “right” in my hands. and i dont know What if it is today, is saying but mine was the eaisiest one i could find to pull the slide back. That is the main reason i picked it up. I have small hands and little to no strength left in them, i was about to go with a revolver till i was showed the XD. Sadly i lost it in the divorce, and havent been able to replace it. i WILL some day.

  • Rourke

    Jim –

    Hope you can get another soon.

    Thanks and take care – Rourke

  • Rourke

    GrillSgt. –

    Thanks for the suggestion. I love the idea of those – now I just need some $$$$$.

    Take care – Rourke

  • GypsySixx

    I am a big fan of the 40s&w. Springfield Armory has been making some incredible products. I have been looking at the XDM 45 and plan to buy one as soon as I can get a job. Unemployed 4 months. I have plenty of different handguns to choose from, but always find myself carrying a MP40 compact. Another plus is that there is always 40 s&w Ammo on the shelves where every you go . Good Luck with your 40. GypsySixx

  • Grill Sgt.

    Oh, forgot to mention…you can buy the Laserlyte through mail order sporting goods outfits for much lower price, like gunblast.

  • chief2dogs

    I carry the xd40 standard concealed and love it. I use my 9mm’s just for cheap practice and my 45’s for home defense. I feel the 40 is the best all around semiauto round. You will get use to the snap with practice, and be able to reaccuire your target fast. You have less drop than the 45 and more power than the 9. I would never trust my families life with the 9 unless no other choice. Ask any cop who had to use his weapon on an jacked up perp, most carry 40’s now. A lot more departments are switching for the same reason. I consider the 9 the “m16″ of pistols, great range, but short on power. I do keep one in my BOB as because of the avaliability of ammo. If any one has a pistol, its usually a 22 or a 9. Just my .02.